September 28, 2017

Here We Go Again..


So, I'll be taking another blog break. For who knows how long. At this point I feel like I can hardly call myself a "blogger". My blogging schedule is sporadic, I never have time to read and comment on other blogs and my views have seriously diminished over these past few months.

The posts I've managed to get up over the last four months are the result of using my brother's computer while he's at work (mine broke several months ago). So its been ok posting every now and then. But, we are now going to be moving to our own place this weekend so I'll be left without a computer once again. I plan to save up for another mac so honestly, I have no idea when that'll be.

I really want to continue blogging so I plan to come back full force once I get a new computer!

Fresh new content, a regular posting schedule, the works. The place we're moving is a rental..for now. We plan to buy it from the landlord very soon and let me tell needs A LOT of work. We plan to do a complete renovation with this place and you can be sure I'll be blogging the entire process!

I'm a little upset that my blog has taken a serious backseat and that I'll be further damaging it by not posting for god knows how long after this but I'm also super excited thinking about what I'll be able to post and share with you all in the future! SO thank you to anyone who bothers sticking around with me and I hope I'll still see you guys in a few months when I get back!

September 26, 2017

Apple Picking At The Orchard

Picking my own apples at an apple orchard is something that's been on my to-do list for quite some time. There are a few orchards down in the valley and I really have no idea why its taken us this long to finally go to one.

We left bright and early (well, 10:30) and started our journey to the valley. It was a gorgeous fall day that ended up reaching temperatures in the 30s.

The orchard we decided to visit was called Mason Apples. A pretty boomin' place I'd say based on the amount of people that were there when we arrived.

You have to check in at a little booth when you first get there and tell the lady which type of apples you'd like to pick and how many. We opted for a 5lb bag of Honeycrisp apples (the absolute best in my opinion!)

Everyone is used to walking into the grocery store and buying a bag of apples. It's a completely different and exciting experience when you go to the source yourself, see all of these beautiful apple trees lined in a row and pick your own apples straight off the stem. So satisfying!

Lux was so into it! She enjoyed picking the apples off the trees but I think her favourite thing was running under the trees and playing with all of the fallen apples.

If you have an orchard nearby and have never been, I strongly urge you to take advantage of the opportunity! Our first time picking apples and seeing how much fun Lux had will be a memory I'll always cherish. 

ps; the apples tasted AMAZING

September 19, 2017

Ten On Tuesday | Things I Love About Fall

01 the crisp air

02 leaves scattered on the ground

03 the colours

04 halloween and cute decorations

05 fall boots

06 cozy sweaters

07 a good corn maze

08 chilly walks

09 autumnal smells (cinnamon, pumpkin)

10 thanksgiving 

tell me something you love about fall