September 19, 2014

Sherbrooke Village

On the drive home Monday we decided to stop at a place called Sherbrooke Village. There's an actual town of Sherbrooke that has this village within it where they turned most of the houses and buildings into a museum. You get a little map that shows numbered buildings you get to go into. The best part was there are people working within the buildings dressed in old clothing and actually using the equipment they used long ago. The first place we went was the old blacksmith shop.

One of our last stops in the village was the stable where Craig was able to get me a horseshoe that had just come off the horse. There was a nail sticking out of it so we headed back over to the blacksmith where this man was nice enough to take the nail out for us!

                                                            In the old post office

One of the buildings was an old jail house. There was four jail cells in someones actual home. The picture above is an original carving in one of the cells.

This was taken in the tailors that was strictly for mens clothing.

Top and bottom pictures are inside the general store.

                                                                    The courthouse 

We have tons of pictures from that day but I wont upload all of them. It took us close to 4 hours to walk around the whole village but it was worth it!

On the drive home we came across this half sunken boat so Craig got out and took a few pictures of it.


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