October 11, 2014

My first haul!

I didn't picture myself doing haul posts but I recently went shopping and I thought why not? I enjoy looking at other peoples hauls so hopefully someone will enjoy looking at mine!
Most of the things I have are from a store called Ardene. I have never shopped here before because I always thought it was a store for teeny boppers. Like 12-13 age group. I went with my sister last week to have my niece's ears pierced and I actually liked a few things I saw in there!

Something I needed desperately were flats. I got these two pairs for $20.00! I'll admit they aren't the best quality but they'll do. Also the prints inside are really cute.

I found these two shirts on a rack that was 2 for $20 also!

$14.50 for this one



I also found a cute pair of jeggings for $34.50

The socks there are adorable! I got these 3 pairs for only $10.00

Lastly I purchased this cute candy skull wallet for only $10.00

The other place we went is called Stitches. I haven't been to this store since I was in High School! We noticed huge signs around the store that said everything was $10 or less so we went in.

I ended up just getting a pair of super comfy lounging pants and a nice pair of jeggings for $10.00 each.

Well theres my first haul post! Hopefully it wasn't too bad. I'm pretty sure Ardene is a Canadian company but this is the website if you're interested in anything here. 


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