October 19, 2014

My Top 5 Tv Shows

I couldn't think of anything to blog about so I have decided to share my absolute favorite tv shows with you!

Number 1- My So-Called Life

Hands down my most favorite show ever. It only ran from 1994-1995. I was only 4 when it aired but luckily for me they used to play re runs on tv when I was about 14 or so. They cancelled it before they had a chance to finish it so you're left wondering what happens next!? However,  the episodes they did make are well worth the watch. This is also where my love for Jared Leto began lol.

Number 2- Raising Hope

Number 3- Californication

Number 4 - Sons of Anarchy

Number 5- Suburgatory

Thats my top five favorites! Most of these can be found on Netflix right now if you're interested in maybe seeing some of these. Californication and Sons of Anarchy are better suited for an older audience.


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