November 20, 2014

Blog Challenge Day 20

The meaning behind your blog name

Well, this is fairly simple. I sat here for a very long time trying to think of a name. Everything I could come up with was already taken and I didn't just want some random blog name. I wanted it to represent something in my life. 
My boyfriend and I love going places. We sometimes would drive for hours just to get someplace we've never been! Going out and exploring is one of the main things we do together.

So when I came across this quote- Drive until you lose the road. (I think it may be from a song), It just fit! I didn't want to use the whole quote as its quite long so I shortened it to Lose the road which I think still sounds okay!
So thats it. Thats where my name comes from! My love of getting lost in the world and having Craig with me.



  1. Great meaning behind you blog name! My boyfriend and I both love to travel!


    1. Thank you! Where have you guys travelled to?

  2. Thats a cool meaning! I should post about mine too!

    Thank you for your lovely comment! Of course we can follow each other! I'd be so glad to keep in contact like you said :) and what about other social media? That way I won't miss a thing! I'll leave mine on the links below <3 

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    Hannah's Heels

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog!

  3. Nice post! I find it interesting the meaning behind a blog's name! Traveling can be so much fun! I'm new to your blog!

    1. Thank you! I love travelling!
      Thanks for stopping by!