November 23, 2014

Blog Challenge Day 23

20 Facts about you

1. I'm probably the most stubborn person you will ever meet

2. I have never had the chicken pox ( knock on wood ) even though I played alongside my brother and sister who both had them

3. I have lots of allergies ( animal fur, mascara, any toothpaste with whitening, etc)

4. I work at a pie shop

5. I hate brushing my teeth. Before you get all grossed out I DO brush my teeth! I just hate the act of brushing them. I find it so boring and time consuming lol

6. With that being said, I get bored very easily

7. I love watching movies. Especially scary movies. When I was about 4 me and my sister used to sit in our room watching Chucky. 

8. I hate fingernails. I always cut mine as short as I can and it actually gives me chills if someone else touches me with their fingernails

9. Every so often I have to go someplace I've never been. Whether its a new town or just some random street I've never been on. I don't know why. Its just a feeling I get sometimes.

10. I hate blood! I don't mind it in movies, I'll watch the goriest movie ever but in real

11. I do not have my drivers license yet! I will soon though.

12. I'm 24 years old and I still collect Disney movies.

13. Craig and I went skydiving in 2010 and it was the best thing I've ever done in my entire life.

14. I currently have two tattoos and I'll be getting at least 3 more

15. I have never owned a cell phone. I probably never will.

16. I like to collect things. Whether its all books by my favorite author, all movies with a certain actor I like or coins..i'm collecting it!

17. I love keeping things organized. 

18. My favorite flowers are Lilies  

19. I never had wisdom teeth. I was experiencing really bad headaches and jaw aches a few years ago so naturally I thought it was my wisdom teeth. I went to the dentist and he took an x-ray and asked me if I already had them removed! Some people just aren't born with any. (The cause of the headaches was me clenching my teeth while I slept)

20. My most favorite sounds in the world are crickets on a quiet night and train whistles.

Hope you enjoyed reading facts about me! It honestly took me about a week to come up with 20 things about myself!



  1. You've never owned a cell phone! Wow! I hate fingernails as well aha, mine stay as short as possible too!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. Nope never! lol
      Glad someone else shares my hatred for fingernails! haha

  2. Great facts. Love reading these. Can't believe you never had a cellphone, it's actually nice to hear :) I am so jealous of your skydiving! :)


    1. Thank you! It irritates me sometimes when I see people constantly stuck in their phones!
      Skydiving was amazing!! You should try it sometime! :)

  3. Great post!