November 24, 2014

Blog Challenge Day 24

What's in your purse

This is my purse. Its by the brand Bueno. I've never heard of this brand before. I just found this at Winners one day. I was looking for something nice and big so this is perfect!

So inside the first zipper I have: A hairnet for work, landlords phone number, receipts, two drawings- one from my niece ( scribbles) and one from Craig's little brother, and eos hand moisturizer. 

Inside the second zipper I have: My wallet, Reactine, more receipts, scratch tickets, Tide stick, a pen and paint colour samples.

Inside the main big part I have: My hat and gloves and an empty water bottle. I usually keep the big part empty because I like to put my lunch for work in there.

Hope you enjoys this post!
What's in your purse?


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