November 7, 2014

Blog Challenge Day 7

Your dream wedding

Im one of the very few girls who do not have a dream wedding fantasy. I never want to get married. Neither does Craig so it works out great!
Actually we have talked about it and this is what we decided we are going to do.
Someday, im not sure when, Craig will buy me a ring. One he has let me pick out. I will wear this ring on my ring finger like other girls. 
After that we will both get bands. Wear them like any other married couple. Only we wont be married. 
This probably sounds silly to some people and you're probably thinking "if you're doing all that then why not just get married?". Well, we love the idea of being with each other, we don't mind showing people we are together ( the rings ). We just do not like the idea of marriage. 

In my own opinion I think relationships become too stressful once people get married. Most times, and again this is my own opinion, I don't think men truly want to get married (some do). I think most men feel pressured into it because their girlfriends want it. 

On top of that there are other small reasons why I never want to be married. Its way too expensive. Divorce is even more expensive. Besides that I hate being the center of attention. I feel too awkward.

So thats my dream wedding post. If you liked it you can follow me on Bloglovin !  


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