November 8, 2014

Book Review: The Other Story

I just finished reading this book last night so I thought I would write a little review on it.
It's called The Other Story by Tatiana de Rosnay. It's about a man called Nicolas who wrote one book and became a best selling author. The book overview on the inside cover tells of family secrets that he digs up and then puts behind him only for those secrets to resurface years later.

I can tell you that overview is very misleading. * Spoiler * You never actually find out what the secret really is! I thought by the end of the book I would say " ahhh so thats the secret " but that never happened.  I mean you find out bits and pieces but you never learn the actual truth.

Aside from that the book isn't even very interesting. It is very repetitive and is loaded with unnecessary information. Two whole pages were dedicated to how other authors wrote their novels.

I just didn't like it. With that being said I will not be searching for the next Tatiana de Rosnay novel.


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