November 1, 2014

Halloween Fun!

I can't believe October is over already! Last night I took my niece trick or treating with my mother and sister. She was a little hesitant at first going up to strangers doors but by the end of it she was running to the next house and banging on the door herself! She was dressed as one of her favorite things....a puppy dog!

My brother went to a party dressed as Joe Dirt! lol

Something we have been doing since I was a kid is coming home after trick or treating, ordering a pizza and watching a scary movie.
This year was no different! 
Even though I shouldn't be eating pizza with the cheese and all...I can't ruin tradition! The movie we watched was called The Collector. A little on the gory side but it was pretty good.

Later this evening i'll be posting the first day of my 30 day blog challenge!



  1. These pictures look like fun. Great post and keep up the good work.