November 28, 2014

Life Lately

Hello! I just wanted to let you know whats been going on lately in my life.

In one of my posts here I mentioned that we found a new apartment. Our move in date was Dec 1 but luckily for us our landlord said we could start moving last weekend. Unfortunately our new bed won't arrive until tomorrow so we couldn't exactly start moving in at that time. We did start painting though!

We've been going to work all day and then going to the new place and painting all night. We're pretty exhausted lately but its definitely worth it!

I took a few vacation days at work. Starting today I get 5 days off! I'm so excited! I'm going to be at the new apartment all day today waiting for our couch set to arrive and I have to clean the fridge and stove.

I'm pretty sure we'll be taking our computer to the apartment tonight SO I'm not going to have internet until Dec 1. I have pre-written my blog challenge posts for today and tomorrow and set them on a schedule to post automatically. After that I won't be posting until Monday.

Hope you all have a great weekend! I know I will!!



  1. Oh congrats on the move :) That is so exciting. Hope you really enjoy living there :)


    1. Thank you! I think its going to be great! :)

  2. Congratulations on the move! Hope that it's everything you wanted :) post pics so that we can see the place!

    1. Thank you! I planned on showing each room once its decorated the way I like it! lol