December 19, 2014

Small Haul | Target

I've been to Target a few times this past week & I thought I would share what I found with you!
I've just been loving everything I see in target lately! 

 Thermal shirt with little foxes!! I had to buy this when I saw it. Its so cute and comfortable! 

I usually stick to plain old black or grey socks but I took a liking to these when I saw them! 
They have sort of an aztec-y feel to them AND they were only $1.00

I went a bought a dress last night for Craig's sisters wedding this month and I was on the hunt for some accessories to match it. This bracelet was perfect! Its almost the exact color of the dress I found!

And last but certainly not least..earrings! These earrings were too adorable not to buy! The missing pair I am currently wearing..they are the same as the first pair only cream colored.

Hope you liked this post! Do you love Target as much as I do?!


  1. Oh my gosh, your fox print thermal jumper is so adorable, I would definitely wear that!! :)


  2. I love Target and that Fox shirt

  3. Your sweater is adorable, really love the earings too! Great pick :) I love target, we don't have them in Ireland, however seeing as I'm back in the U.S I made my boyfriend drive me there today!

    1. Thank you! I love the earrings too! We only just got a Target around here this year! It has been my go-to store ever since!

  4. Never been to Target (weird, I know. haha), but I think I should visit now!

    Much love

    1. Oh definitely! Most things are so cheap and there's a lot of great things there!