December 5, 2014


I've been thinking about superstitions a lot today. I've also learned that I am quite a superstitious person. 
My day was pretty terrible. Only because it seemed like nothing was going right. I was trying to hang took me close to 2 hours just to get one set up. You know those days when it seems like everything is in your way? If there's something sticking out you can bet you'll hit some part of your body on it! That was me today. 
I sat down at one point and said to must be a full moon. I checked the calendar and its not...but tomorrow is. Thats close enough in my books!
After blaming my luck on full moons I found it funny how superstitious I seemed. Here are some of the odd superstitions I regularly take part in:

- Knocking on wood. I can almost guarantee I do this daily. "I've never had chicken pox!" *Knock on wood* "I'm having an amazing day!" *Knock on wood* ...I wouldn't want to jinx myself lol

- Crossing out a lonely crow. I will do this every single time I come across a single crow. I'll just draw an imaginary X over it. It comes from the old saying: 1 crow sorrow, 2 crow joy, 3 crow letter, 4 crow boy, 5 crow silver, 6 crow gold, 7 crow a secret, never to be told. Apparently the amount of crows you see determines something that will happen. Seeing 1 crow will somehow bring sorrow so you just cross it out and voila! Nothing bad will happen lol (I'm aware of how crazy I sound right now)

- Eyelashes bring wishes. This literally just happened 5 minutes ago. Craig sat beside me and I looked at his face and there was a loose eyelash laying on his cheek. I yelled "You have a wish! You have a wish!" like a 5 year old and so I picked the eyelash off carefully and held it to his lips. You let the person make the wish in their head (you obviously can't say a wish out loud, duh!) and then they blow it away!

- Never putting shoes on a table. I've heard this over and over as a kid. Don't put shoes on the table! It supposedly causes bad luck. 

And of course the more common superstitions like not walking under a ladder and dreading the thought of a black cat crossing my path.

I swear I seem normal in real life. Most times I keep these things to myself! 

Are you superstitious? What sort of strange superstitions do you believe in if any?


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