December 19, 2014

The Winter Tag

Time for another tag.
I love winter! Everything is so crisp and beautiful. Here's a little tag about all things winter! 

What's 3 things you like to do during winter?
1. Going for walks while its snowing
2. Taking pictures outside
3. Staying in all snuggled up watching a movie

Do you like the snow?
I LOVE snow! 

Does it even snow where you live?
Yes it does, normally. Although this year we still haven't gotten any! :(

What's the best part about winter time?
How beautiful everything looks. 

Is winter your favorite season?
I love all four seasons. I couldn't just pick one favorite! But its definitely up there.

Does your family celebrate Christmas?
We certainly do!

Do you get a lot of presents?
I wouldn't say a lot but I do pretty well

Do you help put up and decorate the Christmas tree?
Usually. I love decorating the tree!

Do you have a stocking?
Yes I do. We still haven't taken them out of storage yet though!

Do you like the cold winter weather?
I actually do! I'm not one for the heat so the winter is nice for me. Although there is some days when its just brutally cold here. One day last year I walked to work and my eyelashes actually had ice on them. Im not kidding.

Do you build snowmen?
I can't remember the last time I did! 

How many blankets do you sleep with in winter?
The same amount as the rest of the year.

Would you rather:

Wear gloves with no hat or a hat with no gloves?
Gloves with no hat. I need my hands warm!

Go sledding or ice skating?
Ice skating!

Your toes go numb or your fingers?
hmm toes I suppose

Drink hot chocolate or apple cider?
Hot chocolate! Even though it doesn't agree with me.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I tag anyone who reads this! Let me know if you do it so I can go take a look!


  1. You get snow there and you don't make snowman??!!!
    I would make snowman if we had snow in Delhi :O

    1. I know! What's wrong with me?! The first snowfall we get I WILL make one! :D

    2. What a lovely tag! I really enjoyed reading this. I would agree with most of your answers. I can't believe your lashes had ice on them! haha. Hot chocolate doesn't agree with me either, it always makes me feel so sick which is such a shame because I love it!

    3. They really did! I had to show my co-worker straight away because I knew nobody would believe me! lol

    4. I would believe! Here in Finland it's more than possible hahah :D
      Ps. I did this but I'm about to publish on 23th, so if you want, stay tuned! :)

      <3: Jasmin N |

    5. I'll definitely check it out! :)

  2. Great answers! I was planning on doing this tag soon! I agree the scenery of Winter is so beautiful!