January 18, 2015

About me from A to Z | A

A is for academic

I got this idea from Oh! Leona. It gives readers a chance to get to know you on a more personal level. While its the same idea, I'm choosing different words that work for me.

So for the letter A I decided to talk about the academic part of my life.

I'll run quickly through the earlier school years because I wanted to focus mainly on my college experience. Since thats the most recent for me.

Elementary: Primary to 6

I was shy all throughout elementary. I had a few moments where I broke out of my shell but then went right back to being shy. I always worked hard. I liked having my work finished correctly. I specifically  remember a day in primary, we colored a picture of a big dog and my coloring was inside all of the lines and the teacher held mine up for the rest of the class to see. I remember feeling proud. 
She did that quite frequently with my work and I soon became...I dont know..embarrassed? I didn't like the way she always held up my work for others to look at.
I wanted to be good. I wanted to be smart. But it was like I didn't want others to see it.

An example of this happened in Grade 3. We had a little spelling quiz out loud and the word was Wednesday. I was the only one in the class who could spell it but I wouldn't raise my hand because I didn't want to be the only one to spell it.

Thats pretty well how my elementary days went. Getting good grades and being shy.

Middle School: Grade 7 to 9

I missed a lot of school these years. And I mean a lot. This was that point in my life when I received my monthly visitor..and lets just say I didn't handle it well.

Grade 7 was a breeze. I received 100s for final marks in pretty much everything and got an honors award that year. Grade 8 and 9, I'm not sure what happened to me lol I guess I just didn't care about school anymore because my grades seriously sucked. 

High School: Grade 10 to 12

Grade 10 was more of the same. I got half decent grades in my classes except for pal. Pal was kind of like gym only less intense. My teacher absolutely hated me for some reason and I received a final mark of 50. Which is just passing. If I had of received a 49 I would have failed the class.
Grade 11 and 12 were awesome though. I did a lot better in my classes. I remember barely studying. In grade 12 me and some friends were in the library the day of exams and they were all hard in their books and they kept asking me, aren't you going to study? I remember saying nah, I'm just gonna wing it. And  I did. And I somehow passed every exam. I was just lucky I guess.


Now I use the term college lightly when talking about my experience. I chose to take a couple of years off from school after graduating high school. I had no idea what I wanted to do. I wanted to do business, then I wanted to be a librarian and it constantly changed. In December of 2011 I decided I wanted to be a Medical Secretary. I heard of a College that allowed you to do the entire course at home. They sent me a new laptop and all of the books. It was incredibly pricey but the course only lasted a year and they promised a high success rate of landing a good job once you graduate. 
I worked so hard. I was determined to finish this course with an honors diploma.
The course had easy moments but it also had extremely tough moments. 
 I cried a couple of times because I was so stressed out. 
The course I took was called Advanced Medical with Accounting. I also had to teach myself everything because I had to do it at home. The only thing the school did was correct my tests and assignments. After a long year of that. I did it. I graduated with honors. 

For months and months I searched for a job and passed out resumes everywhere I could think of. I didn't get a call back for a single job. Most places didn't even recognize the school I had attended.

So..to me I feel like it was a giant waste of time and money. Not only could I not find a job, I don't even want to be a medical secretary anymore! haha

I'm not saying college or university is a waste of time for everyone. 
I'm just stating that I could do without the giant student loan I now have to pay back.

I didn't mean for this post to be so long! Sorry about that :)
If you're interested in doing an A to Z series on your blog, leave me a link, I would love to read them!! Remember you can make up any words you want for each letter or you can follow along with mine!


  1. Wow what an interesting way to add information about yourself on your blog. I was the same in school. I used to take it quite seriously growing up, but the older I got, the less I cared. I didn't study for my final exams except for the day before, and came out with really good results (I have no idea how). Sorry to hear about your college experience and the job front, that really sucks!

    1. Yeah I thought it was a pretty neat way to add little about me sections!
      The whole college thing sucks but oh well! I'm working someplace I actually quite enjoy for now so its not too bad!

  2. This was cool...I was also kind of shy during primary school etc :D

    1. aww :)
      look at us now! blogging for the world to see haha

  3. Oh that sucks about the job front, but If you keep trying I'm sure something will work out!
    I'm doing a nail technician course from home, it's so hard isn't it? No one showing or telling you what to do, just have to work it out for yourself.

    Meme xx


    1. It is very hard! You think by staying home it'll be easier but its quite the opposite!