January 3, 2015

Craig turns 25!

Today is Craig's birthday! He's now a quarter of a century.

We didn't do a whole lot today. Craig informed me that he didn't want anything nor do anything special on his birthday. Well, I did buy him a gift and gave it to him at midnight last night. Mainly because I wanted him to be able to wear a t-shirt I had gotten him.

There was no cake. He hates cake.
Who in the world hates cake.

He does enjoy ice cream cake but seeing as it would only be the two of us here and I can't have it, it would have been wasted.

My mom and brother called and asked us if we wanted to go out for lunch with them. We ended up going to a restaurant called The Lower Deck. We've been there once before to have a drink but never ate there before.

It was gross.

I got the haddock fishcakes and caesar salad with a vinaigrette dressing and Craig got the french toast.
My fishcakes tasted like someone mashed stuffing with potatoes and fried it. 
Craig still had gooey feeling eggs on his french toast.

Oh well. At least I get to knock off 1 out of 5 new restaurants to try this year! 
See what I mean here.

After that we did a little shopping and then came home.
Watched some Netflix and ate supper.
Now he's enjoying playing a video game!

I also bought a new shirt yesterday and I love it, so I thought I would attempt my very first outfit of the day.

Shirt // Winners
The brand on the tag says Rebel Sugar but I can't find a website by them.

Skinny Jeans// Old Navy

Grey tank// Giant Tiger

I pretty much live in plaid shirts. Are you a fan of plaid? 


  1. Happy birthday Craig! Renee, I'm sorry to hear you were disappointed with the food. However, that aside, it sounds like you had such a pleasant chilled day. I love your shirt. It really compliments your skin tone :)

    1. Craig says thank you! :) Yes it was a pretty nice day!
      Thank you very much! I love this shirt, its so soft!

  2. Great outfit! Post more of your ootd! :)
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