January 9, 2015

Flashback Friday #15

December 31st, 2008
New Year's Eve

This was our first new year's eve after me and Craig moved away from Cape Breton. 
We came back home for a few days to celebrate the new year with our friends.

I'll never forget this night.
This was the night I lost 3 of my best friends.

Don't worry, they didn't die or anything like that.

It happened like this..

Out of my 4 best friends, I had a very best friend. We'll call her A.
I was soo excited to come home and see her.

We had told all of our friends we were coming home for a few days and that we were having a little party at Craig's mothers so everyone could get together again. (Some lived away for school)

A was excited. C was excited. R & K didn't really seem like they wanted too.
So they told me they were going to do their own thing.

I'll admit I was a little hurt at that because we haven't seen each other in months at this time.

So to make a long story short, C was with me all night and then just before the party A called and said R wants to come now. I guess the rest of us were a little bitter at the time because we all got mad and said she couldn't come.

The night ended with an argument, hurt feelings and friendships lost.

We've since connected again and said our apologies with promises of meeting up sometime but that never did happen. I lost 3 truly great friends because I was dumb and immature one night.

That's the way it goes though! Maybe someday we WILL catch up again and all will be forgiven.

Have you ever lost a really great friend before?


  1. Oh wow, that's not great. Sorry to hear that, they were quite unreasonable to not want to come and then decide to do so. I would have reacted the same way (even though it's not necessarily the best reaction). I lost who at the time was my best friend. I've actually lost 90% of my friends. I realized that I let them walk over me and treat me like filth. When they had a problem they wanted me around to listen, when I had a problem they were "too busy" to even text back...

    1. I thought it was pretty unreasonable as well!
      Yeah, you don't need friends like that in your life. I feel that way about A LOT of people in my life, friend or not.

  2. Too bad about the falling out. This has happened to me before

  3. Not sure if my last comment on here posted or not?! But cute photo, it's always a shame to see friends leave when you thought you would be unbreakable :( x