January 27, 2015

Ten on Tuesday | Bad Moods

For some reason, its incredibly easy for us to fall into a bad mood.
Or maybe thats just me...

Here are ten easy things you can do to instantly lift your bad mood!

1. Step outside. 
A change of scenery might be all you need to switch moods. If you're in a really bad mood maybe going for a trek in the woods will help or if its warm enough head over to the nearest beach.

2. Take it all in.
Find out whats bothering you and ask yourself...is this going to affect me an hour from now? Ten minutes from now? If not, its not really worth putting yourself in a bad mood over it, now is it?

3. Turn on some lighthearted music.
Listen to something that actually makes you feel good for a few minutes.

4. Dance!
Dancing around will always make you feel better. Usually because you'll end up laughing at how ridiculous you look!

5. Be kind.
If you're in a bad mood, doing something nice for someone and seeing their reaction will mostly always make you feel better.

6. Think of something good.
When you're angry, think of something really good that has happened to you recently. Or maybe thinking of that delicious dessert you have waiting at home or a loved one might do it! 

7. Call an upbeat friend.
Make sure the person you call is normally in a really great mood! Just like bad moods, happy moods tend to rub off on you!

8. Write down whatever is bothering you.
Sometimes writing down and actually reading the cause of your bad moods really help. You might notice that these things aren't really that bad after all!

9. Exercise.
Focus more on "jumping" exercises. Like jumping jacks or jumping rope. These kinds of exercises tend to release happy-making endorphins! 

10. SMILE!
Turn that frown upside down. They say it works! :)


  1. Great post Renee, sometimes you need that little boost to make the day better! Exercise is a good one for that.
    I currently have a cold though and nothing seems to be making me want to get up and do anything.

    Meme xx


    1. I'm the same when I'm sick! Staying in bed feels like the best thing to do haha

  2. This is such a great post, it's so easy to be in bad moods now that it's winter :(

    1. You're so right! I find it seems like you can never go out and do anything because its either too cold or because it gets dark so early!

  3. Thanks for the list, when I have a bad mood, I also perform a few points

  4. Totally agree with all of these points Renee :)

  5. Awww. That's so sweet of you to share these tips with everyone. I wish there's a beach nearby where I live cause that will totally boost me up! Keep smiling!

    Much love

    1. aww that sucks! Where i'm from, we're surrounded by beaches!

  6. This post is great as there're a lot of people that have bad days (including me). Will take these tips into consideration. Again great post.


  7. Exercise always helps me