January 31, 2015

Why I Do Not Own A Cellphone

I'm probably one of the only people left in this world who doesn't own or has never owned a cellphone.  When most people hear that I don't have one, the usual response is....You don't own one!?! While looking at me like I have ten heads. There's even some people who flat out do not believe me.
My one and only reason for not having a cellphone is this: I simply have no desire to own one.

To elaborate a little further on this I'll share a few points that just turn me off of cellphones.

Humans have become way too dependant on technology.

I found this picture a few minutes ago and it states everything I'm talking about. The sad thing is, there is actually people out there that this photo reflects perfectly.
I know people who will not go anywhere without their phones and who get genuinely upset if they have forgotten it. Its crazy to me.

 People seem more interested in their phones then actual human interaction.

This is a huge one for me. There is nothing I hate more then being in the middle of a conversation and have the person i'm talking to pick up their phone and start playing with it. I can maybe understand if your phone rings and you go to pick it up, but come on..is it really necessary to read a text while i'm explaining something to you? The text will still be there once we've finished talking. Don't even get me started on texting while driving/walking.

Children who use cellphones

This just doesn't make any sense to me. I don't think its "cool" or that you have " the smartest toddler ever" because they know how to use your cell. Toddlers mimic. If you sat there putting puzzles together all day the way you used your phone, your 2 year old would be a whiz at puzzles too. People may not realize this but technology could have a pretty negative impact on your child's development. Here's a great article if you're interested.


The last point i'd like to make is that they are ridiculously expensive. I just looked up the price of the newest version of Iphone. The Iphone 6. It costs $749!! And if you want the iphone 6 plus it would cost $859! I'm sorry but that costs more then one months rent for me. And for what, to have it drop and smash the screen. Which seems to happen to everyone. 

I don't mean any offence to all of those out there who use & love their cellphones. I know there are some advantages to owning one like if your car broke down and you were stranded. Or if there were an emergency. The point of this post was letting you know my reasons for not owning one.
They have a tendency of taking over peoples lives. I wouldn't want that for myself. Thats all.



  1. Woah..then what do you do in case of emergency? o.O
    Kids using mobiles is really weird I a not a big fan of it D:

    1. I haven't found myself in any "emergency" situations yet! lol so i'll let you know what I do when the time comes :)

  2. I find this so interesting! I was really anti getting a smart phone for ages, and only got one a year or so ago. I do find it a bit annoying to be so 'connected' all the time. Though I have to say living in London, I mainly need to for navigation - it is hard to actually find anywhere without one! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. I couldn't imagine having a way for people to always contact me! Like you said, I'm sure it would get annoying! The navigation feature would be handy.

  3. I have a phone which I hardly use these days, I used to be glued to it when my boyfriend and I were long distance because that was house I could keep in contact with him. I HATE when people play on their phone when I'm talking to them, they seem to go deaf while on it, then when they are done "hmm what? Did you say something?" -_- And people who use their phone while they're driving.. come on now, it has to stop!

    1. I know!! Isn't that annoying!? I don't even feel like talking to them after that!

  4. I really cannot imagine life without my own mobile phone, for me I'd be living in constant fear especially when outside alone. However you do live in a different area to me where crime rates are lower so yeah I do see your perspective on this and I agree it would be healthier for everyone (financially and psychologically) to either limit their use of a mobile phone or just stop its usage completely.

    Great post and blog x
    Alaina |
    Urban-Glam Fashion Blog

  5. While I totally agree with most of the stuff you mentioned, i thoroughly believe that in our society kids of a certain age have to have a phone with them at all time. I know they probably use them for something other than talking to their parents on a daily basis, but when my 9 year old nephew when to walk my dog, like 30 meters next to my house, i wouldnt let him go out without his cell. It excessive maybe, but necessary

    Allie l RainyAllie

    1. Totally! Everyone has different opinions! Thanks for taking the time to comment! :)

  6. Absolutely fabulous post!!! Could not agree more, although I do have a phone.
    My phone is nothing fancy and I only use it for phoning (and occasionally texting). I pay a mere £6.00 a month! Compared to some mad people who pay £30-40 a month, which I think is a gigantic waste of money. And don't even use the camera on it because I have a proper camera to take photos with.

    I can't stand seeing people with their phone glued to their hands everywhere they go - especially at meal time, so rude.

    Best wishes, Danielle xo

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)
      Its insane the price some people pay for their phones every month! I couldn't imagine!