February 1, 2015

January Favorites | 2015

Happy February! I can't believe January is over already! Time is flying. Today I have a little January favorites post for you! My favorites aren't strictly beauty related, they're just a mash of everything I've been loving the past month!


Essie- Dress to Kilt
I received this for our anniversary last month. I realized I didn't own a single red nail polish and I thought this shade was nice. I love it! Its a beautiful shade, a lot lighter then what you might think when looking at the bottle.


This super cute and cozy cream knitted sweater from Forever 21. Another anniversary gift. I could wear this everyday!


Cradle and All by James Patterson. The only book I actually managed to read during January! It was alright. A lot different then any James Patterson book I've ever read. It was about two young girls who become pregnant while being virgins. You soon find out one child may be the son of god while the other is the the son of satan. It was interesting but I just feel like it could have gone into a little more detail. Rating 3/5


I've been loving Florence + The Machine lately! Her voice is just incredible and every song is, in my opinion, amazing!


Glee! I know I'm extremely late hopping on the Glee train. I'll admit I never gave this show a fair shot when it first came out. I'm not a huge fan of musicals so I thought I would hate it. Last month we decided to throw the first episode on since it came to Netflix and I can honestly say I'm hooked!


Fibre 1 Lemon Bars! I've been trying to add more fibre to my diet so I thought these would be helpful plus sooth any sugar cravings I might have. Let me tell you. If you love lemon flavored things you must try these! They just melt in your mouth. So good!


By far the best thing I've ever owned. I'm one of those girls that just can't be fully dressed while im getting ready. I sweat way too easily. So I was always keeping my towel wrapped around me. As you know, keeping a towel wrapped under your arms while trying to blowdry your hair is next to impossible. This wrap towel has a velcro strip around the top and it stays nice and snug! Its the best invention ever!


I was eyeing this water bottle at Target for a looong time. Craig finally got it for me as part of my anniversary gift! I love it. The one I was using was tin and I could always taste the tin when I took a drink. With this one being glass you don't get any funny tastes!

Well that's it! My favorites from January. I hope you enjoyed reading this! Let me know what your favorites from the last month are!


  1. That sweater looks so cozy! I am currently freaking freezing, and would love nothing better than that sweater haha. I LOVE Florence and the Machine, she is just exceptional, I was also really excited when I saw a book by James Patterson, but by your description it sounds polar opposite to his usual stuff, I don't know if it's worth reading. Hmmm..

    1. The sweater is soo cozy! Forever 21 currently has tons of nice knitted sweaters! Yeah when I started reading the book I was like...huh, this is different. It wasn't bad exactly it just didn't feel like one of his.

  2. That sweater is the cutest! If only it wasn't summer in Australia haha


  3. Florence is simply amazing! One of my favorite songs by her is "over the love."

    Jen xx