February 8, 2015

Valentine's Day | Love it or Hate it?

Hello everyone!

Love day will soon be upon us! I wanted to take this time to write a post about my thoughts on Valentine's Day.
There are so many opinions about Valentine's Day like:
Its a made up holiday so stores can make more money

Only insecure couples celebrate Valentines Day

People shouldn't choose one specific day to show their love

While these opinions could be true, I personally love Valentine's Day. 

Let me tell you why.

While some people think its terrible choosing one day a year to express their undying love for someone, I think its great! Yes, I agree everyone should show their love to their partners everyday but Valentines Day is when they really give it their all. I just feel like if we didn't have a designated day for all of the mushy gushy love stuff, some people might just stop altogether. You know, when you hit that certain mark in your relationship when all the lovey dovey romance just ends.
 When valentines day rolls around it makes people actually stop and think about what romantic gesture they should make or what they can surprise their loved one with. All that time thinking up ways to make your partner feel special usually makes you start thinking about how much they mean to you. At least it should. 

I think Valentine's Day is the perfect reminder of that.

Do I think people should go out and blow their entire pay check on a gift. No.
Taking the time to show someone how much you appreciate them is just as nice, if not better, then giving them a present.

This year Craig and I have decided not to buy anything for each other. Instead we're going to pool our money and buy some things we need for our bedroom and then we're going to spend the day painting our room together. 
I think this will be just as fun as going out on a date.

So thats what I think about Valentine's Day. I'd still feel this way even if I were single. 

Tell me your opinions about Valentine's Day! Do you love it? Hate it? Or just don't care about it!


  1. Your Valentine's day sounds fun!
    I honestly don't have a problem with it, I think its a day where you take one 'extra step' or do something special in your relationship, if you want to


  2. Well it's just another day for me lol being single and all XD

    1. You can spread the love to anyone! haha

  3. How cute! I hope you guys have fun this Valentine's Day. I don't mind Valentine's day, but it largely goes unnoticed by me. I was in a relationship not to long ago, and we had never celebrated it (because I just didn't want to get into it really).
    Bright Shiny Day

    1. Thank you! I hope you have a great day as well! ( Even if its not celebrated! )

  4. Your valentines day sounds like it will be lovely and very well suited to you! I'm not the biggest fan of valentines day personally but a day all about sharing the love is never such a bad thing. Sure it's a really commercialized day but it's nice to see the world spreading some love. I don't care about the day too much but i'll still be spending it with my friends watching some good ole romantic comedy's haha. x

    1. Nothing better then romantic comedies with your friends! :)

  5. I agree! I just love Valentines Day! And while stores do try to take every penny from you for this holiday, as others, you don't have to go crazy shopping. Just making cards and baking festive deserts and doing little things is fun :)


    1. Yes! People can go a little crazy sometimes with the shopping!