April 30, 2015


I've been nominated to do the Creative Bloggers Award- Yay !
I was nominated by Emily from Paperchain. So thank you very much Emily :)
Make sure you head over and check her out!

Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog
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Keep the rules in your post to make it easy for everyone to know what to do!

 I love the ocean. I would live in the ocean if I could. (To-do: Google how to become a mermaid)

 I love animals. Especially dogs and horses. Unfortunately I am quite allergic to anything with fur. I break out in rashes and hives wherever fur has touched.

 I am extremely clumsy. I will walk into walls, people - anything that is a good 5 feet away you can be sure i'll walk into it somehow.

 I have a fake piece on my front tooth and I always fear its going to break off so I will never bite anything with my front teeth.

 Hi my name is Renee and I'm addicted to chocolate.

Have a beautiful day!

April 29, 2015


A scene in any Disney movie you wish you could experience.
The first time Belle walks into the library in Beasts castle.
I want a library like that one day.

An unforgettable experience/moment you've had at the park?
The whole thing was pretty unforgettable BUT there was one ride that just brought me so much joy and made me feel like a kid again. Peter Pan's Flight!
Also the firework show at Epcot was the most amazing thing i've ever seen!

What non-Disney song(s) remind you or brings back memories of Disney or the parks?
I don't think any do!

When was the first time you went to a Disney Park?
May of 2011. My one and only time (so far) going to Disney World! 

If you could choose any of the characters to be your best friend who would you choose?
Belle, Aladdin, Pocahontas & Winnie the Pooh

Who are your favorite Disney princesses?
Belle and Pocahontas- if you count her as a princess!

Name a scene/moment in any Disney movie that never fails to make you cry.
I don't think any Disney movie makes me cry.
Mufasa dying is pretty sad though.

 What is the first Disney movie you remember seeing?
Either 101 Dalmatians or Beauty and the Beast

What is your favorite Disney movie?


April 27, 2015


As a person who grows bored extremely fast and way too often (I think i've changed my blog design about 500 times already), I need to think of things I can do to battle the boredom.

Here are 35 simple ideas for when you're bored:

1. Write your family and friends letters.
Don't forget to send them!

2. Write a  to-do list of everything you need to get done.
Doing the things on your list will also help with the boredom.

3. Get creative!
Draw, paint, make a cool craft you found on pinterest.

4. Blast music and pretend you can sing.
You might want to do this when you're home alone..

5. Dance around like a maniac.
Again, when you're alone.

6. Go out for a walk.
Find a stranger and follow them...

7. Do some other form of exercise.
I like using workout dvds.

8. Watch a movie.
Or better yet, have a movie marathon!

9. Find a new show on Netflix you've never heard of.
Watch. the. entire. thing.

10. Make up a story.
Come up with your own characters and story line.
Who knows, you could be the next J.K Rowling.

11. Give yourself a make-over.
Experiment with different hairstyles or make-up looks.

12. Go shopping.
If you don't have any money just window shop.

13. Call your most talkative, upbeat friend.
Maybe they want to hang out?

14. Make up a new recipe.
Or just make your favorite one.

15. Watch Youtube.
You can seriously get sucked into youtube for hours.

16. Read blogs.
There are so many great blogs out there that just reel you in.
Here's a list of 'my favorites' to get you started.

17. Start your own blog.
Starting your own blog, coming up with ideas, designing your layout.
Those things will keep you busy for quite some time.

18. Take a nap.
Pretty self-explanatory

19. Change your bedroom around.
Seems so easy but this can take all day.

20. Clean out your closet.
I love digging through all my old clothes and getting rid of things I don't need anymore.

21. Clean your house.
This may seem like a chore but at least it'll keep you busy for a while.
Then you have a nice clean house afterwards.

22. Go for a drive.
Going somewhere you've never been before is always exciting.

23. Play a video game.
 I prefer playing games that have a story.

24. Build a puzzle.
Get one of those gigantic puzzles that take forever to put together.

25. Tie dye a t-shirt.
Or some pants, a headband, shoes..

26. Read a book.
Everyone's go-to when they're bored.

27. Have a picnic in your backyard.
How fun would that be?

28. Learn a magic trick.
Pick a card, any card.

29. Walk on the beach and collect rocks / sea glass.
If there isn't any beaches around you..walk along a pond? Feed the ducks maybe?

30. Take $10 to the dollar store and see what cool things you might find.
I don't know about you but the dollar stores around here have been getting pretty awesome things lately.

31. Visit a museum.
You might even find one that offers free admission.

32. Hop on a bus and see where you end up.
You need a little adventure in your life anyway...

33. Have a bonfire.
Or sit around a fire pit. Whatever works.

34. Lie on the grass and look at clouds.
See what kind of shapes you can find.

35. Buy a kite
....and fly it.


April 25, 2015


When it comes to makeup I tend to go for a more "natural" look. My makeup routine consists of:

Clear Mascara

Thats all. There isn't any bronzers, highlighters, liquid liners, eyeshadows or lipsticks. One big reason for this is mainly because I wouldn't even know how to properly use any of those things! Another reason is I just kind of like wearing minimal makeup

I was thinking about it and there are quite a few benefits to wearing less make-up:

1. It's cheaper- I very rarely need to run out and buy makeup! Just buying the basics is way easier on the bank account.

2. Less time spent getting ready- When you take out contouring, eyeshadows and brow pencils, you can have your makeup finished within 5 minutes.

3. Your face feels lighter- I hate when I can feel the foundation on my skin! I remember when I used to wear regular black mascara, my eyelids used to feel so heavy.

4. Less breakouts- This doesn't apply to everyone, but I find when I start experimenting with different kinds of makeup my skin starts to breakout a lot. Sticking to my regular light routine is always a safe bet for me.

5. You can create the "illusion" that you aren't wearing makeup- The best thing about wearing a more natural look is that its usually pretty darn close to how your face looks in its natural state. Adding a light foundation and a little concealer just takes away any redness or eye circles! This is especially beneficial when it comes to dating someone new. There are many guys who are so shocked when a girl who normally wears a ton of makeup finally shows them her bare face. They look like a whole different person in some cases! Sticking to something more natural looking is like saying "what you see is what you get!"

Now with that I'd like to point out that I don't have a problem with girls who prefer a more layered, polished look. This is just what I prefer! :)


April 24, 2015

Flashback Friday #29 | Kayaking the Bay of Fundy

On June 26th, 2010, Craig and I decided to do something we thought was going to be extremely fun.


Let me tell you about our day....
(Warning: Photo over load)

To start the day off right we headed somewhere for breakfast. What's better than McDonalds pancakes for breakfast?
Answer: Everything. Don't they look healthy? :|

The drive took us probably close to two hours. I can't really remember. But it was an absolute beautiful drive..

It was so nice in fact, we just had to get out and take some pictures!

 This is when we looked down and noticed a ton of dead fish laying in the water....

So we finally get there. Both of us were so excited! We had never been kayaking together before. 
They then tell us we have to use a double kayak. 
This seemed okay at first, until we realized we totally sucked at using a kayak together!

It was very hard! To make matters worse, we were on the tour with a huge group of men from the military! So of course they were just a paddlin', so far ahead of us. So we felt like we were falling behind the entire time. We had some amazing photos taken though..

The sad thing is..if you look really hard at the pictures, we aren't smiling in a single one! 
We were so tired and wet and for some reason angry with one another, we couldn't fully enjoy the beauty we were kayaking through!

We stopped on an island for longer than we liked and had a small lunch.

And this picture sums up how I felt about the entire experience...

Hopefully we have more fun next time! haha

Hope you enjoyed reading!


April 23, 2015



People are often unreasonable, illogical and self-centered;
Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives;
Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies;
Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you;
Be honest and frank anyway.

What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight;
Build anyway

If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous;
Be happy anyway.

The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow;
Do good anyway.

Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough;
Give the world the best you've got anyway.

- Mother Teresa 

April 22, 2015

Strawberry Shortcake | A Simple Delicious Dessert

There are so many different versions of strawberry shortcake out there. All of them equally delicious!
Today i'm going to show you my version of a strawberry shortcake. Its so simple and tastes so so good!
This is a perfect light dessert, you honestly don't even feel bad after indulging in this!

The ingredients are super simple. All you need is:

1. Some type of Sponge Cake. You can normally find a small pack of 6 for only three dollars or so!
2. Strawberries.
3. Whipped Cream. I opted for a coconut whipped cream ( dairy free ) and I must say, using the coconut whipped cream made this taste even better! 

You just cut however many strawberries you'd like on it.
Throw some whipped cream on that bad boy and you're good to go!

Super easy!
You can't go wrong with this dessert.

I may or may not have just eaten this for breakfast...


April 20, 2015

Maybelline Baby Skin Review

I've recently purchased the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser. I know you've probably seen a million reviews on this product already but i'm a little late on the whole primer train.

Yep, this was my first time ever using a primer.

I don't even know if this is considered a primer? It certainly isn't what I think of when I think of primers. Anyway...

The purpose of this product is to "blur" your skin and erase your pores. I have a photo of my cheek before the baby skin and one after I applied some.

Sorry for the pore lighting ( ha ha I got jokes) 

You can see from the pictures that there might be the slightest difference. To me, a barely noticeable difference. So I wouldn't say it exactly erases your pores. 

I will agree with one thing though. It definitely makes your skin feel baby soft. Im sure any old moisturizer could make it feel the same though.

So would I re-purchase this product? 


I didn't blur like I expected and it kind of made my foundation look weird over it. 
I only paid around $10 for it, so I guess there's no great loss if I never use it again.


April 18, 2015


(n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.

I'm not sure why, but I feel good when it rains. Like, this feeling inside...ya know?

Don't get me wrong, I love a nice bright sunny day. But when its overcast outside and you can feel the rain in the air...yes.

I love the way rains smells.
It makes the air smell so fresh. Like you have never really smelled the air until it rains.

I love the way rain sounds.
The beating of the rain bouncing off your window is such a calming sound. The best is when you're camping and it starts raining. The sound of it hitting your tent is like natures lullaby.

I love the way the rain feels.
Even though I hate when my hair gets all frizzy and big when it gets wet, there's nothing better than feeling the rain drip from your fingertips. I'm talking getting caught in a downpour and you just get soaked. This sort of..energy..goes through you.

But the thing I love most when it rains?
This feeling comes over me.
I instantly want to jump into a comfy pair of pjs (no matter what time of day), wrap myself up in a blanket and watch scary movies all day.
That's something I did a lot of when I was a kid.

I guess the rain just gives me a nostalgic feeling.

The rain makes me happy.

How Do You Feel About Rain?

April 17, 2015

Flashback Friday #28 | Peggy's Cove

Peggy's Cove
April 17th 2010

Peggy's Cove is a very small town that acts as a huge tourist attraction during the warmer months. Everyone normally heads down to see the lighthouse and climb/walk along the rocks that surround it. We head down to Peggy's Cove quite often. So I can guarantee these won't be the last photos you see of it!


April 15, 2015

Finally coming together!

We've been living in this apartment for 4.5 months now and its taking a lot longer then I expected to get it looking the way we want it. Since the weekend though we've really been getting a lot done to our laundry room and its almost finished!! I don't want to show it yet until its completely done but it will be soon!
I decided, however, to give a little peek at what Craig just made today because I am totally happy about it!

So here it is...

Our new linen shelf!!

Excited over a linen shelf? Why yes I am. 

So since the weekend we have finally painted the laundry room (blue if you haven't noticed), bought a new hamper and put up some cute corner shelves that Craig also made.

Had to share a picture of my handsome handy man at work (and yes, that is a motorcycle in my kitchen)

I'm hoping to have the laundry room fully completed within the next week or two! I'll share some before and after pictures!

Thanks for reading!

April 13, 2015

Lush Shampoo & Conditioner

A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to switch over to more natural products to use in the shower. Namely, shampoo, conditioner and body wash/soap.
I thought, what better place to find natural products than Lush!
After buying them I soon found out they still use SLS (sodium lauryl Sulfate) in most of their shampoos and conditioners. SLS is what makes a shampoo foam and lather.

Other than that, they're pretty decent on the natural side of things.

For the shampoo I purchased the Montalbano shampoo bar. This is my second time using one of the Lush shampoo bars and I have to say I love this one! It smells so good. Like lemons! I love how compact their shampoo bars are. Great for traveling with!
This bar cost $9.95, which I guess isn't too bad considering they promise 80 washes out of one. ( I'm currently testing that theory!)

On to the conditioner....

After reading a bunch of fantastic reviews about the Veganese conditioner I thought i'd be super happy with it.
I thought wrong.

I wish I could say I liked this but I just didn't. I mean I really didn't. I would even go as far as saying I hate this conditioner.

For starters, this teeny little bottle of 100mls costs $9.95! While I was a little taken back by the price for such a small bottle I thought, "well..its vegan, I use very little conditioner anyway, it'll be worth the money!"
Boy was I wrong.

The amount of conditioner I had to use in my hair for me to even feel it a tiny bit was unreal!

Out of this small bottle I might be able to use it 5 times. Now I will admit, I have long, thick hair BUT with any other conditioner I only use about as much as the size of a quarter for my hair.

And the last thing I didn't like about it. My hair felt like crap afterwards. The point of conditioner is to condition your hair, make it a little more manageable..not make it feel like seaweed!

So I guess loving one out of the two products purchased isn't too bad. I'm now on the hunt for a nice natural conditioner! Any suggestions would be great.


April 11, 2015

Why You Need A Wooden Hair Brush!

I've just made the switch to a wooden hair brush and i'm here to tell you why you NEED a wooden hair brush in your life...right now!

There are so many benefits from using a wooden brush compared to your regular old plastic one. Here are a few great reasons to make the switch:

1. Wood creates less static electricity
Wood collects only a small amount of negative charge but for the most part, its neutral. Therefore, making your hair static free!

2. The wooden bristles gently massage the scalp
This helps with blood circulation of your scalp and the wood is gentle on your head and hair causing less breakage.

3. Massaging the scalp also promotes hair growth

4. Wooden bristles help move natural oils through your hair
This helps with excess sebum absorption and the removal of hair impurities. Your own hair oils are the best natural conditioner! 

5. The wideness of the bristles brush through tangles easily

6. The brush stays cool while blow drying
Wood doesn't really conduct heat

If those 6 benefits don't cause you to re-consider using your plastic brushes, I don't know what will!
I don't think I could ever go back to non-wooden brushes after using mine.

I purchased my wooden brush from Winners for only $5.99! Its from the brand Om She Aromatherapy. I tried finding it online but didn't have any luck. The good news is, you can find wooden brushes anywhere! 

(Sorry for the hair left in my brush, I tried getting it all out!)