April 18, 2015


(n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.

I'm not sure why, but I feel good when it rains. Like, this feeling inside...ya know?

Don't get me wrong, I love a nice bright sunny day. But when its overcast outside and you can feel the rain in the air...yes.

I love the way rains smells.
It makes the air smell so fresh. Like you have never really smelled the air until it rains.

I love the way rain sounds.
The beating of the rain bouncing off your window is such a calming sound. The best is when you're camping and it starts raining. The sound of it hitting your tent is like natures lullaby.

I love the way the rain feels.
Even though I hate when my hair gets all frizzy and big when it gets wet, there's nothing better than feeling the rain drip from your fingertips. I'm talking getting caught in a downpour and you just get soaked. This sort of..energy..goes through you.

But the thing I love most when it rains?
This feeling comes over me.
I instantly want to jump into a comfy pair of pjs (no matter what time of day), wrap myself up in a blanket and watch scary movies all day.
That's something I did a lot of when I was a kid.

I guess the rain just gives me a nostalgic feeling.

The rain makes me happy.

How Do You Feel About Rain?


  1. OMG ! I though my boyfriend and I were the only one loving rain! Glad you do too!
    I love the smell of the rain and the sound of it on your roof (especially when it rains heavily)


  2. Aw I love this! I also really like rain, not all the time, but I do love those heavy down pours when you're wrapped up inside and have no where you have to go! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte

  3. I love the rain too...add a little roll of thunder and makes it so calming to me!

    1. See now, I hate thunder and lightening! haha

  4. Believe it or not. I love rain too! The sound of it, how it washes everything, how it gives life to all the pretty flowers!
    Great post!

    Much love

  5. I love the rain too!
    I love it when i'm sleeping or when i'm all tucked up on the couch
    Garland Girl

    1. Oh me too! Curled on the couch with a big blanket!

  6. If Its going to rain, I want it to pour! I don't like sprinkle rain... I need commitment from my rain. Go big or go home rain. Ya know?

    1. Yes! I love walking in the pouring rain!

  7. I absolutely love rain and everything about it. Feels revitalizing to me <3

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. Yes!! Perfect word for it, revitalizing! :)

  8. i love rain so much!!
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  9. I love rain a lot too, the smell of it when it just starts pouring, and when you're out in it and completely drenched, or inside in the warmth watching an eruption of a thunder storm. Loved this post :) x

    Karis // karisatkinson.blogspot.co.uk 

  10. Have you tried using the website rainymood? It is just rain noises and you can set the volume. I use it to help me work!

    1. No i've never heard of this! I'll check it out right now, Thanks! :)