May 20, 2015

Guest Post! - Sitting Is The Smoking Of Our Age by Cristina Nika

Hey guys! I have a different kind of post for you today. Today's post is a guest post by Cristina Nika! She writes amazing guest posts on numerous blogs. Hope you enjoy!

Sitting Is The Smoking Of Our Age

When are we going to realize just how damaging modern lifestyle is, and just how much damage we are actually doing to our bodies? Even though our jobs require us to be sitting on our rear ends in our office for more than eight hours a day, we should be able to find a way to counter that and to start living healthy. However, in most cases, people simply do not have enough time or will to take care of their health and to try balancing out this sedentary lifestyle.

Sitting way too much daily

Sitting for too long might be leaving consequences on your body that you do not even recognize at first. It is helping in developing certain lethal illnesses. Make sure you try to break out of your sitting routine with short exercises so to help your blood flow stay natural.
Moreover, make it a habit of taking short breaks every hour or so. It can help you improve your circulation and decrease the effect of sitting. Ensure that your working environment is such that it promotes creative work rather than looking in your screen the whole day.

What it can do to your muscles

Slowly but surely sitting too much is eating your muscles so that you are becoming more susceptible to developing different kinds of diseases related to cardiovascular issues. Sinking more and more into the sedentary lifestyle will lead to catastrophic consequences; even stretching a little or doing simple exercises can prevent the effects. Better take five minutes out of an hour to look silly and exercise a bit, than to have to visit your physician every month for a checkup, complaining about that back pain.

A healthy diet

In order to tackle your current lifestyle, it is important to eat well and to eat all the right things. Tailoring a diet to best suit your needs and to accommodate to the fact that you are sitting too much, will help in taking down the harmful effects it has on your body. But, if you want help in making a great diet for yourself, it is best to visit a local nutritionist who will give you the exact details on what to consume and what to avoid. It is a very individual matter so the only way to be sure is to talk with a professional.

Be careful what you drink

Pay attention to what you drink while you work, and combined with sitting for too long, well… There are consequences because sugary and fizzy drinks will help develop certain diseases such as diabetes and obesity. Though I am a caffeine addict myself (with lots of sugar in it, of course), I drink detox teas to help clean my body, and to get rid of the toxins in a natural way. 

Trust me, you will be doing a great favor in preventing illnesses and diseases which could harm your body in the long run. Water! Drink as much water as possible, because it helps in reducing the toxins in your body and regulates your metabolism. Add some grapefruit juice in it and you will see the wonders!

Get up!

Become more engaged in your own health and do not accept the Dr. Levine’s term “sitting is the new smoking” lightly. It’s the same drill – on average, every cigarette shortens seven to eleven minutes of your life. We actually lose two hours for every hour we sit! Sitting might actually be more deadly than smoking!

Light exercises after every meal is incredibly easy, but the bad news is that is also incredibly difficult in a computer-centric work environment. The human body was designed to stand up and be active, and we should be optimistic that overthrowing sitting is at hand! Walk around your office, go to work on foot or on a bike.  Get up and get moving and you will see the change in the quality of your life! 

Thank you very much Cristina for guest posting today! 
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  1. This is a very interesting way of viewing it and certainly makes me feel a little guilty for sitting here typing on my laptop haha! I do a lot of exercise, so I should be okay, but I've no doubt this will serve as an excellent 'wake up call' to many! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


    1. Its definitely something to think about!

  2. This post is so important! The title is very true, and actually, what I admire so much about children is that they never stop moving.


  3. great post !