May 31, 2015

My Weekend!

Hey guys! I mentioned on Friday that I was heading back home to Cape Breton for the weekend. My weekend was filled with ups and downs so I thought i'd recap for you!

- First of all, I wasn't feeling right for the past week or so. The odd pain in my stomach, getting chills and then the sweats but most of all just exhausted. Well to say the 4.5 hour drive down on Friday was pretty crappy is an understatement! I was super sick the entire ride. Mix that with me usually getting car sick on long drives anyway and it wasn't a pretty picture!

- After arriving it was soon time to go to my great aunts wedding! She's 71 years old and her husband is 82! (about time they got married!) They were married by the justice of peace in their living room. My grandparents stood as their witnesses. It was actually adorable.

- Soon after the wedding I discovered I lost my debit card! I was pretty upset about this because I had just gotten paid and that was the money we were supposed to use for our weekend. Craig had a bit of money on his card and lucky for me, my grandparents rock and gave me some money as an early birthday present :)

- Saturday was the best day. I woke early and got ready to meet my old friends for lunch. I hadn't seen them in almost 7 years! I was so nervous. By the time everyone showed up though and we got through the first bit of awkwardness everything was as if nothing had changed! We ate our lunch, talked for a good 2 hours and agreed to meet later that night to catch a movie!

- After that we did a little more visiting (two of Craig's best friends) which was very nice as well because I hadn't really talked to one of them since high school either! It was a great day for catching up with people!

- That evening around 7 o'clock we headed to the hall for Craig's aunts surprise birthday party. She thought she was going to her niece's graduation party so she was SO shocked when she walked in to everyone singing Happy Birthday to her! :)

- Then we were off to the movies! We ended up seeing Hot Pursuit. It had some funny moments but its not something I would recommend going to the movies to see. Going to see a movie is SO expensive these days!

- I went back to my grandparents that night, had a slice of pizza ( you will never have pizza taste quite as good as a Cape Breton pizza!), and went to sleep. 

- The drive back was good (I slept most of the way) and only had a stomach ache for a small portion of the drive. I'd say this was definitely one of the best visits I've had in a while and I really can't wait to get back down there!

I may be a little biased but I think my home is the most beautiful place on Earth! :)


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