May 23, 2015

Things I'd Like To Work On

1. Getting Fit: I feel like a broken record talking about getting fit and losing weight all the time but its something I think about constantly. I've been really trying these past 3 weeks but man is it hard.
You ever feel like you're working super hard and feeling really great but then you hop on the scale and nothing has changed? You may have even gone up a pound! That's me right now. Its easy to think about giving up. But I won't.

2. Taking Better Care of My Skin: Mainly my face. I don't have any sort of skincare routine in place at the moment and i'd like to change that. My skin isn't bad. My face is quite clear just gets really dry in certain areas. Like around my nose and on my cheeks. I heard drinking lots of water can solve that but i've been drinking tons of water lately and I still see dry patches. Maybe I need to drink more...
I'd like to find a really good daily moisturizer but i'm a little wary trying new products because my skin is very sensitive. Any suggestions would be great!

3. Being Happy: Its not that i'm unhappy. I have lots to be happy about...
Recently I just find i've been getting into these slumps and I just feel really sad for no apparent reason. Even when something great happens and I should be ecstatic...I feel like I can't be.
The worst part is I keep taking it out on people around me. I'll be short or cranky with them and that's not fair.
I think thats why i'm so obsessed with losing weight at the moment. I keep thinking once I feel better about myself, i'll be happy!
Who knows.
I know i'm not the only one who feels like this so its not the end of the world.



  1. I think that I should work on all of the things you mentioned too. Although my skin has improved so much since I started a proper routine. I have also been drinking lots of water and it helps a lot :)


    1. What sort of routine did you start?

  2. These are all really great goals to have - and that can only result in good things! I'm certain that working out (even lightly!) will be sure to improve your mood and those 'slumps' you mentioned :) Good luck with your aims Renee!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


    1. Thanks Gabrielle! :) I'm really hoping so!

  3. Having a good skincare routine is so important for your skin, I hope you find one that works for you!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog