July 12, 2015

Martinique Beach

Yesterday Craig and I took a little day trip. We set out in search of a completely different destination than where we ended up- Martinique Beach. I'm glad though because I had heard of this beach and wanted to see it.

Before heading to the beach we stopped at one of my favorite restaurants in Musquodoboit-
Harbour Fish'N'Fries.

Okay, so i've only eaten here twice but that doesn't mean it isn't one of my favorites! And I can already tell you that whenever I'm in this area this will for sure be my choice of restaurant!

Craig ordered the hot dog and fries and I ordered the lobster roll. SO GOOD.

The beach was about 15 minutes away from the restaurant. When you first arrive you can see that the beach is really long. It has 8 different parking sections along the length of the beach! We chose the very last parking lot. Straight away I was taken by how beautiful it already was just in the parking lot!

The beach is on the other side of those hills. But there is a little patch of sand on the other side (where we parked) that you can walk along and cross over to the actual beach. We decided to do that first.

Seeing how pretty this side was, I was super excited to see the actual beach side!

This was my 'attempt' at an OOTD photo haha! I'm still not comfortable taking them yet so all the pictures end up looking like this. Actually this was the best one out of the bunch so that says a lot.
Wild Spirit tank- Bluenotes
Striped shorts- Winners

We made it to a little section of beautiful almost white sand where we crossed over to get to the beach!

And here's the beach! Its so long and just sand as far as you can see! So pretty.

The water was a little bit cold at first but after a minute you get used to it. We spent the rest of our time there walking along the beach in the water and then sat down for a few minutes in the sand. 
We found a dead seal -so sad :( - and Craig made a belt out of seaweed. After about 3 hours we decided to leave.

This time we took the stairs closest to our parking spot!

I had a really great day yesterday! I love finding new places to visit where I live. If you ever happen to be in Nova Scotia for whatever reason, I highly recommend visiting this beach! 



  1. Your outfit photo was lovely! The beach looked lovely, which was nice to see since I am shivering through winter here in Australia!

    1. Aw thank you! haha i'm just so awkward when it comes to taking photos of myself!
      I feel for you! I am SO glad winter is over here!

  2. in fact i just came back from a beach trip :) looks like you guys had a great time renee!

    1. We did! :) Hope you had a great time as well !

  3. Outfit photos are so awkward for me too. I feel so weird in front of the camera. >_< I do love the beach though, it's always so windy and refreshing. I absolutely love it! I wish I was sitting on the beach right now with my book!


    1. Haha me too! I love the wind at the beach too. All that salty air makes my hair SO big and frizzy though haha

  4. Wow you're right that beach is really long and the grass is so close to the shore too! I definitely love going to the beach when the weather permits. It's such a perfect place to escape to.

    I tagged you in my latest tag post if you want a look :) - The Love/Hate Tag

    Have a lovely week Renee :) x

    1. It definitely is a great place to escape to :) I saw the tag! Thanks for tagging me !

  5. Seems like you really had a good time! And that's a beautiful beach! Its rainy season here in my country so it's not really the best time for the beach :( p.s. I like that wild-spirit top!

    Jean // La Petite Fawn Blog

    1. I had a great time :) There weren't too many people there so it wasn't crowded. Thanks :)

  6. lovely post! nice to see you're having such a wonderful time :)

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  7. Looks like such a fun place! Love all that tall grass, one of my favorite parts of the seaside - can't believe how many beaches don't have it!

    xo, mikéla / simplydavelyn.com

    1. The grass is my favorite part too!

  8. Great post :) I tagged you in the love/hate tag! Check out my blog for details :)

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  9. This looks like such a lovely day out! Can't beat a walk on the beach right? Gorgeous pics too! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte