July 10, 2015

The Scary Truth About Your Beauty Products


This is not going to be some preachy type of post. I'm not trying to convert you to natural products. I'm writing this because I have just been shown this website (EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database) that allows you to type in a beauty product and you can see all of the information on that product and I honestly could not believe it.

Lets just say this has opened my eyes and i'm hoping to open the eyes of others.

So the website scores the products from 0-2, 3-6, and 7-10. Like this:

I'll give you an example of one of the products I have been using on a daily basis.

The Garnier Lift Day Cream

So this scored a 5. The overall hazard level is moderate. Look at that bar for Developmental & Reproductive toxicity though!! Its actually quite scary to look at and realize you've been putting these things ON your skin. Letting it seep in.

Under this section they also list the ingredients and show the concerns and scores of each one.

This is only just SOME of the ingredients listed. Seeing the 9 and the 8 definitely scared me a little.

And its funny because lately i've been noticing that my face has been breaking out terribly and I wasn't sure if it was the cream or the new foundation i've been using. Its safe to say i'm finished using both products.

Speaking of foundation I decided to look up the Revlon Colorstay because I was planning on re-purchasing that foundation as it was always a favorite of mine. They didn't have any information on the liquid foundation that I, and a lot of others, would normally use but they did have the info for the Revlon Colorstay Mineral Foundation.

Check out that cancer bar. No thank you. I ended up buying the Cover Girl Ready Set Gorgeous foundation which was scored as a 3 and none of the concerns reached the High Risk category. I'll be sticking with this foundation until I can find an even better one.

After reading up on all of this I have decided to be a lot more conscious about the products I use on my body. I've actually gone out and purchased a natural toothpaste and deodorant tonight. ( i'll let you know how they work out)

The point of this post was to hopefully point out the potential risks that some of our favorite beauty products possess and I just want you all to be aware of these products and if you're not sure about something- research it! You'll be doing your body a lot of good by knowing what you're putting on it.

Again that website is called EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetic Database if you're interested in checking out some of your products. They don't have every product info available but they do have about 70, 000 so there's a good chance they have info on yours!

Thanks for reading!


  1. This is actually scaring me a little, omg. I'll need to check the products I use out on the site. Ah.

    May | THE MAYDEN

    1. I know! It actually has really scared me!

  2. Eeep! You've got me scared now >_< Having second thoughts on drug store makeup now
    She Will Be

    1. Wait, it's not even drug store! I just looked up NARS and they are apparently extremely hazardous D:

    2. Oh god no, its not just drug store! Lots of products contain harmful toxins!

    3. And sorry for scaring you! lol its better to know what you're putting on your skin though!

  3. Great post! <3


  4. Oh wow!!! This is so super interesting!! I hope that because a lot of what I use is natural and all is cruelty free that mine have low risks, but I'll be checking for sure!

    I have to share this!


    1. Crazy huh? I hope they're low risk too!

  5. Ahh, I used that ready set gorgeous foundation. I'm glad it didn't have a super high risk score. I am going to have to check out the rest of my makeup on this site. thanks for sharing it!


    1. I'm super glad it didn't have a high risk score too because I do quite like that foundation! Hope the rest of your products are okay!

  6. This is a great idea but I have to admit I'm a little scared to look :(

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥