August 12, 2015

Prince Edward Island | DAY 2

You wouldn't believe how many fields there are on Prince Edward Island. Mainly potato fields. Honestly, everywhere you look you see field after field of potatoes.

Day 2 of our trip was my favorite.

We did a little more exploring in the morning and ended up finding Cabot Beach. It was rather chilly this day so there weren't any other people at the beach but it sure was beautiful.

After the beach we drove down to Kensington. There was a haunted mansion theme park there that I really wanted to go to. I love anything creepy, haunted or scary.

This was by far the best haunted house i've ever been to. There were 3 floors to walk through!

When you reach the end of the house you can go outside to a Water Garden and an area with a few rides. 

Once we were finished in Kensington we drove down to Summerside. There we went to a grocery store to stock up on some food because the food at the Cavendish Tourist Mart was crazy expensive. 
We also took a little walk on the Summerside boardwalk.

After that we decided to head back to Cavendish. Once there, we went to the Wax Museum! So much fun!!

 When we finished the wax museum we went down the road a bit to another museum. The Fan-Taz-Ma-Goric Museum of the Strange and Unusual. It was really interesting. If you're not someone who likes to read, I don't think you'd enjoy this as much because you really have to read about every single thing you see in this museum. It is what it claims- a place with some strange and unusual things!

It started to rain once we left this museum so we just headed back to our campsite and had some supper. After that we ventured down to the arcade and spent our evening there playing games. I had a blast this day!

See you tomorrow with our 3rd and final day!



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