August 4, 2015

Ross Farm Museum | New Ross, N.S

We've just enjoyed a nice long weekend. What's better than a long weekend? The fact that following the long weekend i've only got a 3 day work week and then i'm off on vacation for a whole week, that's what!

Anyway, yesterday Craig and I decided to visit Ross Farm Museum. Its called a museum but it doesn't really feel like a museum because its really just a giant farm that you get to wander around. Although you can go in all of the buildings on the property and there's people dressed in old time clothes and they tell you all about it. (I guess that's where the museum part comes in).

Other than the farm being absolutely beautiful to walk through, they have some cute little farm animals along the way.

Craig fell in love with these pigs! I couldn't believe how huge they were! In the next fenced in area this little cutie was trying to hide!

How cute is that!? 

On the property they have a schoolhouse, animal barn, wood shop, a homestead, lumber house, blacksmith shop and another building where they made barrels (I forget what its called!). 

They have free wagon rides that take you down by a lake and back up again. So of course we had to hop on!

Every time we go somewhere like this the old homesteads are my favorite to wander through. I just love seeing how people used to live. The differences between now and then. The Ross family house was amazing.  

Look how slanted this part of the house was!

We had a really great time and could have easily spent an entire day there! Definitely someplace we'll be heading back to. 



  1. Wow, I've never been to a place like this, but it seems so lovely!

  2. This sounds like a lovely way to spend a day, interesting too! The animals are so cute :) xx


    1. I could spend everyday like that! I want to live on a farm! haha

  3. Oooh this place looks like fun, I love farms and I love museums aswell! It really is so fascinating to see how other people lived in the past. Looks like you had a lovely day, enjoy your vacation! :)

    Heather Xx

    1. It really is! Everything was just so much more simple back then. Thank you! :)