October 12, 2015

Fall Bucket List- Visit A Corn Maze

First thing checked off of my Fall Bucket List! This weekend we were in Cape Breton for Thanksgiving visiting family and we decided to go to a farm for the day. To my delight they had a corn maze!

They give you a map at the start and there's two questions on the map. You have to find clues throughout the maze to answer the two questions they give. We found quite a few clues but not all of them! Next time.


  1. Looks and sounds so fun! I haven't done a corn maze in years, but we're hoping to do one this year. Aaron wants to do a spooky one after dark, so it will be interesting. I hate getting scared, but I'll love it after!

    1. You definitely should!! We did a scary one last October and it was amazing!! So worth it :)