November 6, 2015

Flashback Friday #39

A compilation of photos from December 2012

Odd photos of Craig and myself

My little precious Eva when she was only 2 months old! 
I can't believe how tiny she is!

I remember this morning so clearly! 
We headed out to the lookoff real early in the morning before the sun was out.
It was absolutely freezing.
We just wanted to watch the sunrise over the water.


Always loved this picture <3


  1. Such a precious little family. I remember when my baby was that small. I miss it. Enjoy it while you can, ppl always tell you that i'm sure, but seriously, it's so TRUE!

    1. haha thanks! But thats our little niece :) Same rules apply though I suppose! haha

  2. aww cute! and hurray for pancakes! can you send me some please? :)