November 7, 2015

How Gemini Am I? Part 1

I don't believe in horoscopes. You know the ones that are in the paper everyday and tell you how your day is "supposed" to pan out. Yeah, I don't think so. Now those astrology sites that give you all of this information about your Zodiac sign, like certain traits and qualities, that I have an easier time believing. Its actually kind of freaky how similar you seem to the description sometimes.

I thought it would be really fun to find descriptions on Gemini (that's my sign in case you haven't figured that out yet) and see just how closely I relate to it. So I came up with an idea for a little mini series called How Gemini Am I?

To make this even more interesting I thought why not read each description to my boyfriend and see if he thinks I relate in any way? Now that would be fun.

Black= Description
Blue= Craig's Response
Pink= My Response



On Strengths: 
No to energetic.
You're very clever.
Very much imaginative and witty.
Somewhat adaptable. You will adapt to things for a while but then grow tired of having had to adapt to it and want to go back to the way things were. 

I think I have to agree with Craig's answers. 
So far things are looking good besides being energetic (I'm one of those lazy geminis I guess)

On Weaknesses
What does superficial mean?
Impulsive- No. You have to think things through a little before doing them. Not very spontaneous when it comes to bigger things.  
Restless- Sometimes. There are times when you're nervous or worked up.
Devious- Kind Of. A Bit. Only to me.
Indecisive- hahaha I'm going to say majorly.

I agree with him for the most part. I think i'm a little more restless than he might think I am. I feel restless, anxious and uneasy quite a bit. 

Gemini are extremely independent: Absolutely wrong.
They will not be pinned down by anyone or any rules: I say you won't be pinned down by anybody. You like following rules but don't like being bossed around by anyone.
They need to experience the world on their own: Wrong. You need to experience the world with somebody. 
Change and freedom are extremely important to Gemini: About change- If you can help it, it won't happen. The freedom part- yes that is true.
They will never let anyone dictate them: That is definitely true.
They are extremely independent and freedom is essential to their mental well being: Negative on the independence but freedom is essential I think. But that doesn't mean it has to be on your own. 

I think he gave some pretty accurate answers. I truly don't think I am very independent. I usually need someone around me. But there are certain aspects in the independence section that I think are very true. Like the 'never let anyone dictate them' I hate that. 

Well that's it for part 1! I hope you found this at least a little interesting? I quite enjoy it myself. 
If you're a gemini reading this, do any of these sound like you? 
Let me know in the comments! 


  1. Great post idea :) I don't really believe in horoscopes either but there are so many things about the Leo (my star sign) that I really relate to! I even got the sign tattooed on my ankle ha

    Natalie Ann xo | Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

    1. I know! Sometimes its scarily accurate! haha

  2. I love this! I would love to do this for my blog..I am so into astrology I know most people don't believe in it but I find it fascinating! but loved all your answers. gets to know you in more of a personal level

    Lots of love,
    Kayla <3 Xx

    1. You should definitely do it! I don't believe in the every day horoscopes people make up but these traits and qualities of the star signs are just so accurate sometimes, its hard not to believe them!

  3. This is such a creative blog post idea I definitely enjoyed reading it. It must have been really fun to do this with your boyfriend :) x

    Sinead | Dreaming Again