November 11, 2015

The Cold Days Are Coming...

Or maybe they're already here.

I couldn't leave the house today without my huge scarf wrapped around my neck three times. I don't even think it was actually all that cold today, I think I just had some major chills going on. 
I'm still cold actually, sitting here wrapped in a blanket as I type this. 

Today just reminded me of the blistering, cold winter days that are undoubtably just around the corner. 

I'll be ready for you this year Winter. 
You'll see.

On a different note- I need some advice from any readers who are good with makeup.
My skin is a little dry at the moment and I really want to find a nice foundation that looks dewy and hydrating without looking oily. And also one that gives fairly decent coverage. 
I've been noticing lately that every foundation i've been using barely covers any spots on my face. 
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Anyway, i've got Aladdin on pause and some lindor chocolates calling my name. 

Hope you all had a lovely day and weren't cold to the bone like I was. 



  1. I love that scarf, it looks so cozy! And Lindor chocolates are my favourite :) we've had some really warm days in the UK this week (14 degrees) compared to the usual for November but I'm definitely not complaining! It's supposed to get cold this weekend so I'm going to make the most of the mild weather.

    Hollie |

    1. Its actually been unusually warm around here so far for November as well! I was just really cold yesterday! haha

  2. This scarf looks cute on you.

  3. Cold days are fun as long as it doesn't snow! ;-) <3


    1. haha you got that right! We usually have snow by now so this year is looking pretty good! Fingers crossed!

  4. Aww cute post, you look all snug and cosy in your scarf. I love dark nights spent inside with a good book and hot beverage. In regard to the makeup advice you were seeking, collection lasting perfection concealer covers blemishes really well, I use it when I get break outs. I was struggling to find a good foundation too, I been combining a good concealer with a more dewy, natural bb cream or foundation. Collection do a nice BB cream. Hope that has helped a little bit! Best wishes for the coming season! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you! I've always wanted to try the Collection makeup but i've never seen it around here where I live! I don't think I can get it, but thank you for the suggestion! :)