December 19, 2015

Blogmas Day 19 - Things I Hate About Winter

Yesterday I shared all of the things I loved about Winter (pretty short list) so today I thought why not share all of the things I really don`t like about this season..

01. the cold
I don`t mind a bit of frost in the air but when it hits temperatures in the negatives and your eyelashes actually form ice- thats a problem.

02. frost bite
The absolute worst.

03. wet boots and socks
Don`t I hate when its so slushy outside and no matter what your boots become soaked along with your socks. Double suckage if it happens when you`re on your way out somewhere.

04. shovelling
Can I get a snow blower please.

05. when it just keeps snowing....and snowing...and snowing
You get the picture.

06. being cooped up inside all day
To me it feels like this is how my whole winter goes. Its either way too cold outside to go out and do anything or the snow is piled too high you just don`t feel like it.

07. chapped lips
Even worse when you get that dreaded red, painful skin all around your lips.

08. everything is covered in ice
When you`re walking down the street trying to walk as careful as you can but nope, you always manage to slip on that patch of hidden ice and feel extreme embarrassment wondering who might have seen you slip.

09. snowstorms and power outages
Storms are great for getting you out of work. But being stuck inside during a storm gets pretty boring. Being stuck inside during a storm with no power is like torture.

10. winter seems to last a lifetime
I`ve just made myself sad thinking about this one...

And on that note I guess its safe to say there are more things I hate about winter than love. Oh well, time to suck it up, we`ve got a long winter ahead of us!

What do you hate most about Winter


  1. Chapped lips are the worst for me, i hate putting products near my mouth so it usually takes forever for them to heal.

    1. I know what you mean. The only thing I usually put on my lips is berry blistex!

  2. I hate driving without mittens! My poor fingers get so cold!

  3. haha cold hands are the worst!