December 2, 2015

Blogmas Day 2 | Holiday Bucket List

I just love making bucket lists! Even though I usually only accomplish one or two things on my lists they're still super fun to make. For my second blogmas post I thought i'd share all of the wonderful, wintry things I want to do in the form of a holiday bucket list!

001 Get a real tree and decorate it - We've had an artificial tree every year since moving out on our own and this year we really want a real tree.

002 Watch all of my favorite holiday films

003 Go on a sleigh ride

004 Bake delicious holiday sweets

005 Drink at least ONE cup of lovely hot chocolate- Hot chocolate usually doesn't agree with my stomach but I will enjoy at least one!

006 Test out every Christmas product from Lush- Just because..

007 Build a gingerbread house

008 Donate toys to a local toy drive

009 Finish my Christmas shopping

010 Go for a walk in the snow

011 Try to have the most stress-free Christmas as possible

012 Stick to and finish all of my blogmas posts!

I think thats enough. Tell me something thats on your holiday bucket list!


  1. Lovely post dear! Thanks for sharing) Have a great day))
    ***International GIVEAWAY in my blog***

    1. Thanks for commenting! Hope your day is great as well :)

  2. Great list! Have you had any snow yet?

    Hollie |

    1. Unfortunately no! We've had a few flurries that just melted by time they hit the ground. Soon hopefully!

  3. I love that you want to donate toys to a local toy drive!
    I think thats a very important and generous thing to do!
    One thing that is on my holiday bucket list is to have all my christmas shopping done and the presents wrapped before the week of Christmas (I'm hoping that it won't be too difficult!)

    1. We've decided we're only buying for the kids in the family this year so my shopping and wrapping should be over before I know it! Hope everything goes well for you :)

  4. love your posts they are very interesting

  5. Such a great bucket list! Your Really motivating and inspiring! Xx

  6. I love your bucket list! Trying out all of the Christmassy Lush products is also on my list too! I also love how you've added 'donate toys to a toy drive' - I'm sure you'll make a lot of children happy!

    Lauren x

    1. Thanks! :) I hope we do end up making lots of kids happy :)