December 20, 2015

Blogmas Day 20 | The Christmas Wedding by James Patterson

Well I just had to read a Christmas novel before Christmas. I was in a second-hand store and walked passed all of their decorations and this book caught my eye. A Christmas story AND by my favorite author- how could I not get it!

I'll just get my rating out of the way first thing. I'd only give this book maybe a 5 out of 10. Here's why..

It was a cute enough story but I just felt like nothing really happened the entire book. The main character who is getting married is in her 50s I believe and has been widowed for 3 years. One of her closest friends randomly asks her to marry him. After she tells her other two friends- both men- they decide they've loved her all along and ask her to marry them as well. Seems a little too unrealistic to me but hey, I went with it. So this lady now has 3 men that want to marry her. She decides she will marry one of them and have the wedding on Christmas Day.

So to me the whole book was the woman sending her 4 children videos telling them its a secret who she was marrying and no one would know until the wedding day, not even the man himself. It was her way of making sure all of her children showed up on Christmas to be together. That was it. There were no sad twists at the end like James Patterson normally loves to throw in his romantic novels. It was pretty straight forward and a little bit boring in my honest opinion.

Its a quick little read if you just want to read something Christmas related around the holidays.

Have you read any good Christmassy books this year?


  1. I haven't read this, but I will try to look it up!


    1. I actually never knew James Patterson wrote a Christmas novel! I just found it by chance in the second hand store!