December 21, 2015

Blogmas Day 21 | An Evening Chat

Well good evening!

  I wasn't going to post anything today. Mainly because I just couldn't think of anything to post about. I was just going to let it go but I couldn't stop thinking about how i've already gone 20 days straight with posting and I just couldn't give up with only 5 posts left for blogmas! So here we are. All I can muster this evening is this chatty type of post.

  Christmas is almost here. Super excited to have a nice, quiet, laid back Christmas. Is it just me or did December go by extremely fast? A few more days and its all over with for another year. You have no idea how excited I am by the fact that i'll have my own baby to spend Christmas with next year, and every year after that! 

  Speaking of baby, I had my doctors appointment Friday. Everything is looking good! Heard the heartbeat again. Such a surreal feeling.  January 14th can't come soon enough. That's the day of our very first ultrasound!! eeek, 

  Ugh, i'm sorry but I can't even think of anything else to talk about. I am so beyond tired right now all I can think about is sleep. I also apologize if this post made absolutely no sense! I'm going to go to bed now. I'll be back with a better post tomorrow- hopefully!

goodnight x


  1. Ah not long until the ultrasound! You're doing so well with blogmas, mine failed miserably thanks to laptop troubles!

    1. I know!! So excited :D Aw that sucks! Hope your laptop is soon fixed!

  2. I agree December has flown by - perhaps time flies when you're feeling festive? ;) I hope you have a lovely Christmas and my thoughts will be with you on Jan 14th for your first ultrasound - how exciting!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    1. Perhaps you're right! haha :) I hope you have a wonderful Christmas as well :)