December 7, 2015

Blogmas Day 7 | Frustrating imac Problems!

Today's blogmas post isn't festive in any way. Today I want to get my frustration out and hopefully find someone else who has encountered the same problem and might be able to help me!

We have one of those 27" imacs and it has just been lovely since the day we got it. Movie watching and photo editing has never been better. Until now.

For the past week or so the computer will not stop shutting down! Well, it doesn't exactly shut down. It kind of "shuts off" while you're in the middle of doing something but if I click the mouse after a second it'll turn back on. This happens most when you're trying to watch a show or youtube. It was even happening to me tonight while I only had itunes open listening to music while I cleaned.

We've only had the computer for maybe 3 years? Its not very old but I think the warranty has already expired. I found an apple help forum online and it seems like tons of other people have the exact same issue and they've all taken their computers to Apple with no help from them. Everyone seems to get the same answer- it looks fine. While they continue on with this problem.

Its just so frustrating!

I'm hoping maybe someone else has been having this issue and has found a way to fix it and would be so kind and tell me how they fixed it :) We're really not in a position to fork out extra money to fix this darn thing or to even get a new computer.

Let me know if this has ever happened to your computer!
Regular blogmas posts will resume tomorrow :)


  1. oh no that totally sucks! on the 28th of december (I think) it'll make one year that I bought my iMac and I am going to be so depressed when it starts to slow down... right now she's doing good. hope you get the problem fixed :)

    1. I hope so too! I'm not ready to get a new one! lol