December 31, 2015

Life Lately | December

Reading- I read The Christmas Wedding this month- reviewed here- and i'm still reading The Heart of The Matter by Emily Giffin.

Watching- Been obsessed with watching Snooki & Jwoww.

Listening- Same old- Florence and the Machine, Taylor Swift and a lot of Disney songs.

Eating- Too much chocolate!

Excited- Having four more days off of work, starting a new year, our very first ultrasound on Jan. 14th!!, so much!

Hoping- Welllll Craig and I both want to keep the baby's gender a surprise but I might secretly be hoping that I catch a glimpse of something during our ultrasound.

Buying- Omg i'm so excited! I actually bought myself a couple of things today!! I can't even remember the last time I spent money on myself just to treat myself. I bought a new Vans sweater that i'm absolutely in love with and I finally treated myself to a new Vera Wang perfume that i've been dying to get!

Searching- For the best prices for public swimming. We're going to hopefully start swimming at least once a week starting in the new year.

Explored- We did a little exploring this month in the northern part of NS. looking at a couple of houses but thats all.

How was December for you?


  1. Ahhh congrats on the baby Renee (I've been so slack on blog reading lately!!). Which Vera Wang perfume did you buy? I just got the 'hippie princess' one and it's really nice :) xo

    we are dannah | australian lifestyle blog

    1. Thank you Hannah! :) I got the Vera Wang Embrace- theres 3 different scents in the set- I got the rose bud and vanilla one. So nice!!

  2. Yay for treating yourself! I've been treating myself a little more this month too :) Happy New Year, it's going to be an exciting one for you!

    Hollie |

  3. Your december sounds nice!Mine was good too.A lot of family time and relaxing!Great post,love your blog!xx

    1. Glad to hear your month went well :) Thank you!

  4. Too much chocolate sounds just perfect ^_^
    Happy new year hun,
    Jade xo