December 28, 2015

Nursery Mood Board | Aztec Theme

So we finally agreed on what we would like the nursery to look like and I am so excited to get started on it! Mind you we won't be starting it for quite some time but I feel a lot better knowing we have a direction agreed upon. We decided to go for an aztec theme and want to keep it as gender neutral as possible. I put together this mood board to show a general idea of what we want it to look like!

1| DIY Wooden Crib- We both agreed we'd rather make our baby's crib rather than buy one from the store. It'll actually be a lot cheaper this way and I love knowing it'll be made from sturdy, solid wood. Craig found this design online and we hope to make this exact crib.

2| Dream catchers- I just love the idea of dream catchers. They're beautiful and for me personally, I do think they work. I'd like to find a white one like the picture.

3| Mint- We decided on mint being the main colour for the nursery. I'm pretty sure we'll paint all of the walls like this. I figure its a pretty safe colour to go with since we aren't finding out the gender.

4| Aztec rug- In a perfect world I would love to find a rug exactly like this but I know I probably won't so whatever I can find similar to this will make me pretty happy.

5| Gold accents- I think little pops of gold would look really cute with the mint, black and white. Not a whole lot but if I can find gold pillows to throw around that'd be great.

6| Aztec fox fabric- We found a bunch of super cute fabrics on this website called Spoonflower. We decided were going to make our own mattress sheets because we just can't seem to find any cute ones we like. This fox one is our number one choice but we might get a few different ones that are in the same mint colour scheme so we can switch them out every now and then. We're also going to make some matching curtains with whatever fabrics we choose.

7| Arrow stencils- I want to do one accent wall with arrow stencils all over it like this one.

8| Wooden decor- Just some wooden decor pieces throughout the room. Something similar to the one shown but we're not 100% sure yet. The one in the photo says "Run Wild My Child", super cute!

I am beyond excited to get started on this! Let me know your thoughts on this. Anything you would change/add!


  1. I love the colour scheme and it's super cool that you're going to make the crib yourself! Happy planning!

    Hollie |

  2. I think an Aztec theme will look amazing, and I love how you're making things yourself! The fox print is really cute!

    1. Thank you! It'll be much cheaper making certain things ourselves and they'll be exactly how we want- a win win! haha

  3. How exciting you've agreed on how you want the nursery to look - it must be so exciting to think about and plan ready for your little one! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    1. Oh my its very exciting!! Can't wait to get started on it :)