January 14, 2016

Eco-Beauty Good Day. Day Moisturizer Review

I'll admit, i'm not the greatest at taking care of my face. I mean I wash it daily but I never use moisturizer or cleansers. It's funny because my face is actually pretty dry and I really should be using moisturizer daily.

It was confirmed today when I went into Shoppers looking for a new foundation and the girl working the makeup section kindly helped me pick out a matching shade. She told me I should most definitely be using moisturizer daily.

Lucky for me, Beauty Box 5 tend to send out quite a few different moisturizers in their boxes so I have a few to test out. The first one I wanted to test is the Good Day. Day Moisturizer. 

There's enough in this sample for maybe 3-4 days of use.

The packaging says this is a highly natural, skin-loving product that is free of parabens, sulfates, triciosan, dyes, PEGS, artificial fragrances & animal byproducts.


The very first thing I thought when I applied this moisturizer was "this smells like green vegetables". A little like cucumber or green peppers or something green. I then read the ingredients and there is in fact cucumber so that solved that one. 

The texture was nice. Creamy and not too thick feeling. It did however leave my face feeling a little tacky for a while after it was on. 

Then the problem happened. At first it felt like my face was burning slightly. Just a little, nothing too major. Then I felt that old familiar itch under my chin and going down my neck. My skin is incredibly sensitive and I suffer from quite a few allergies and whenever i'm having a reaction to something that's normally what happens. I get a rash/hives under my chin and down my neck. Now I can't say for sure it was this moisturizer that did it. I also just used a new makeup remover wipe just before putting this on so it very well could have been that. Regardless I had to wash the moisturizer off soon after putting it on and just to be on the safe side I won't be using this anymore.

I'm going to have to give this a rating of 1 out of 5 seeing as I won't be using it anymore and it did feel tacky on my face.



  1. I hope you managed to stop it in time and didn't get too bad of a reaction. I have the same problem with sensitive skin due to lupus flare ups. Have you heard of MooGoo? All of their products are completely natural and designed with sensitve skin in mind. They've been a real life saver to me. x


    1. No I haven't heard of that brand before! I'll have to see if I can get it around here, thanks! :)

  2. This is a downright lie, as many people with an oily complexion have never seen a breakout in their entire lives. So what goes to explain this phenomenon? Well, oily skin is the body's response to a lack of moisture. Non comedogenic tinted moisturizer

    1. I'm sorry? I don't quite understand your comment. There is no mention of oily skin and/or breakouts in this post.