January 2, 2016

Highlights Of 2015

2015 was a pretty good year for me. Sure it had some low points but overall I would say 2015 was awesome. Here are some highlights of my year:

001. Finding out I was pregnant
Of course this had to be my number one highlight! I've never been more excited about something in my entire life. I found out at the end of September and I was so, so scared in the beginning. I still feel afraid occasionally but most of the time I just feel excitement!

002. Meeting Juice & Tig from Sons Of Anarchy
Omg. This day. 
Tig was my favorite character from the show so meeting him was pretty amazing.

003. Buying a brand new car
Everytime we needed to get a new car, we always ended up buying beaters for under $1000. Which meant we ended up buying cars often. Our last car was pretty much on its way out and frankly was driving us crazy so we knew we needed a new one. With a baby on the way we decided we should be a little more responsible and actually go out and purchase a brand new one. I am very happy with the one we chose! 

004. Rekindling old friendships
This year I made up with 3 of my closest friends from High School. We had a falling out probably seven years ago and it felt amazing to get together a couple of times this year. I'm hoping to see them even more this year!

005. Visiting The Tangled Garden
This is a highlight because it was my most favorite place we visited this year. Its so incredibly beautiful there and i'll definitely be making lots of trips back.

006. Vacation to Prince Edward Island
Even though our trip wasn't the absolute greatest, I still really love visiting new places and being able to knock off one of the provinces on my Travel Canada list is a pretty awesome feeling!

I'm sure there were tons of other great things that happened this year but those are the six that stand out to me at the moment. 

What were the highlights of your year?


  1. Aw yay this is lovely, so many awesome highlights, 2016 is definitely going to be a big year too with the baby!! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Oh yes! A very big year :) I cannot wait!!

  2. What a great year had ! so cool !
    Mine wasn't so nice. I lost my sister, lost my job...lost faith in many ways but I have a good feeling for 2016 !!!


    1. Oh wow, I am so very sorry to hear that! I hope 2016 brings much more happiness for you!!

  3. I'm sure I've already said it (I really hope so!) but congratulations!!! Looks like you had a great year :)

    we are dannah | australian lifestyle blog

  4. 2015 wasn't that amazing for me and the only good thing that happened was probably getting my new job! I'm so excited for you and your baby news :)

    Natalie Ann xo | Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

    1. Aw I hope so many great things happen for you in 2016!! & thank you very much :)

  5. Looks like you had a lovely year! Congratulations on finding out about your pregnancy :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  6. Wow! It seems as though you had a very eventful & blessed year. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  7. These are all great things to remember from this past year! I can't wait to see more baby posts! :D

    Amanda | Amanda Gouthro 

    1. I'm glad to hear that! I wasn't sure if anyone would actually be interested in any posts baby-related! :D

  8. Congrats on your new car! That's awesome!

    xo, mikéla / simplydavelyn.com