March 24, 2016

Currently Watching (In 3's)



A couple of week ago I mentioned I started re-watching the Jersey Shore episodes. I have no idea why & I have no idea why I even like the show to be honest! But meh, if you're into pointless reality shows that serve no real purpose other than to entertain yourself for an hour- give this one a go! They have all of the episodes on


Jeeze i'm just loving the reality shows lately aren't I? 
I've been following Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 since they first aired and I guess it just sort of became my guilty pleasure show. I actually find it quite interesting following the lives of the four very different women and seeing how they each raise their children. Obviously the show reveals a lot more drama than just how they parent but I like it. 


Craig and I were going pretty strong with this show for a while but it sort of landed on the back burner of show watching lately. Mainly because Craig's work hours have been changed and we don't really have a lot of time to sit and watch tv together now and the x files has become one of those shows that we just watch together. I love it though. Anything paranormal or alien related you can count me in!



Trisha Paytas has quickly become one of my favorite Youtubers to watch. A lot of people love her, a lot of people hate her. To me she's just very real and I love seeing that. I find myself easily sucked in to watching her videos. 


I love seeing a new video from Kalel pop up in my subscription box! 
She mostly vlogs and has fantastic taste in home decorating and fashion. She's also probably the only vegan I watch on youtube that actually makes me consider going vegan or at the very least makes me want to eat less meat. 


Even though psychics kind of scare me a little, I find these two quite fascinating. They've taken up doing psychic readings for all kinds of Youtubers and they're pretty interesting to watch!



  1. I SO wanna see the new X-files :) I am super pumped.

    1. Omg me too!! We were waiting until we watched all of the older episodes before going on to the new one!

  2. Ive been watching a lot of x files lately. I'm currently in season 5 and I am loving it. I decided to begin since they came out with a new season, and I figured I needed to watch it all. I recall my mom watching this when I was little and not being allowed to see it. I can see why now xD It's really good :)

    I can also understand your 'liking' for jerser shore. I never liked that particularly much BUT I love their "sister" show Geordie Shore. It's the exact same just takes plac in England instead, they are in a way a lot more scandalous due to what is 'allowed' on tv in europe vs us xD

    Nice post! x

    1. Yes! I wanted to watch all of the older episodes before moving on to the newer ones too! I've seen Geordie Shore on, I must take a look at it and she how I like it!

  3. I remember watching Jersey Shore a while ago. Though I was quite hooked at one point, I've stopped watching it. Currently, I am watching a lot of crime shows like Criminal Minds (which I absolutely love).

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    1. A lot of people like Criminal Minds! I must give it a go !

  4. Oh how can you stand Jersey Shore??? I used to watch a lot of Teen Mom in the past but it has became not as real over the years, it's all got to their heads a little.

    Meme xx

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    1. Totally agree with you! There was one instance on the last season of Teen Mom OG where you could actually hear the producers tell one of the friends in the shot what questions to ask them! A little ridiculous but I still watch it haha

  5. OMG I'm obsessed with TM2 (and TMOG as well)!! It's also my guilty pleasure and none around me understands haha. Who's your favourite TM? I used to love Kailyn but now I'm not so sure. It was good to see her being on good terms with Jo and Vee but Javi ruined it all! What a jerk! Oh maybe it's for the drama...

    Clem |

    1. I think Chelsea is my fave! Seems to have less drama than the other girls!