July 31, 2016

BABY OOTD | #2016

#2016 onesie // Chapters
Denim shorts // Carters

I love this little onesie! When I saw it at Chapters well before I had her, I just had to get it! I also really love the soft denim shorts/pants for her. Nice and stretchy in the belly!

July 29, 2016

Why Your Body Will Love Argan Oil

We've all heard about argan oil. Its been around the beauty industry for a while now and i'm sure it'll stick around for quite some time. You hear people say how amazing it is for you but do you have any idea why its so amazing? Well, let me tell you a few reasons why your body will love argan oil!

1. i m p r o v e s   s k i n   a p p e a r a n c e 
Argan oil has been known to reduce wrinkles, stunt the growth of warts, help with mild acne, and even fade scarring while keeping the skin soft and supple.

2. r e p a i r s   s p l i t   e n d s 
The oil coats the hair shaft and locks in moisture making the hair more manageable and less prone to breakage. And since argan oil is so rich in vitamin E it also increases your hair's shine and overall healthy appearance.

3. s t r e n g t h e n s   n a i l s
Because of that vitamin E argan oil helps promote stronger, healthier nails.

4. p r o t e c t s   a g a i n s t   U V   d a m a g e
Due to the anti-oxidants in argan oil, applying it to UV damaged skin can fade sun spots and heal the dry, leathery skin caused by over-exposure.

I think they're some pretty great reasons for trying argan oil. Now, using the actual oil can get a little messy and it may turn some people off from even using it but you can get some amazing, every day products that are made with argan oil that you'd use without even thinking about it!

Live Clean makes a whole line of argan oil products that are simply wonderful. Their argan oil line is one of my absolute favorites to use and they smell i n c r e d i b l e!

Products include:

a r g a n   o i l 
hand soap
shampoo and conditioner
body wash &
body lotion

Along with all of the amazing benefits of argan oil you also get all of the amazing benefits that Live Clean are known for: plant derived, pure vegan, sulfate, paraben and silicone free, never tested on animals and made with biodegradable ingredients.

I know I've definitely been loving the way my hair/skin looks and feels using these argan oil products lately!


* Products were sent to me by Live Clean but as always, opinions are 100% my own!

July 27, 2016

Fitness Series | Tired of Giving Up

I've never read a quote that rings so true. I can't tell you how many times I've done that to myself. Start a new diet or exercise routine that only lasts about 2 weeks because I don't see instant results and give up. Well, I'm tired of giving up. I'm going to become the healthiest version of myself and I'm going to stick to it. For real this time. I have a daughter now. I want to be able to run around and play with her. I want to show her how easy it can be to live a healthy, active lifestyle. How can I expect her to grow up and be the best version of herself if I can't even do it? 

So today we begin this little fitness series. I'll share with you updates and progress, before and afters, and any new tips and tricks I learn along the way!

First off, let's begin with my starting weight and a little background.

I weighed 168 pounds just before I became pregnant last August. Definitely in the overweight category. During my pregnancy I gained a total of 29 pounds which is actually really good but considering I started at 168 pounds that brought me up to a whopping 197 pounds by the end of my pregnancy! 

I was extremely lucky after I gave birth and somehow miraculously lost all 29 pregnancy pounds within the first 3 weeks postpartum without doing anything. I literally felt like I couldn't move the first month after giving birth because of all the stitches so I have no idea how I lost the weight but I'm very happy I did.

So here I am. Back to 168 pounds (my doctor confirmed this weight at my 6 week postpartum check-up). 

I'll be making healthier food choices and making sure I exercise everyday. I'll update you all on any weight loss, exercise routines I've been following, what I've been eating and any little thing that seems to help me along the way!

Can't wait to start this journey to becoming a healthier me! Any tips you might have are welcome.

July 26, 2016

The Best & Worst of Netflix #2

The Amazing Spiderman 2

I don't know what it was about this movie but I just didn't like it. It doesn't help that I was never really a big Spiderman fan to begin with. It's not that it was bad- I'm sure a lot of you would like it- I think maybe I just kept comparing it to the original Spiderman movie (which I did really like). Andrew Garfield is no Tobey Maguire ya know what i'm sayin'?

How To Make Love Like an Englishman

The movie description compared to the actual movie confused me a little. The description makes it sound like he's with one woman but then goes ahead and sleeps with her sister, making him out to be a player and a cheat but really, it's not like that at all. I won't say how it actually is in case you want to watch it. Anyway, the movie itself was a little bit boring to me. It was okay. I liked it, but it was nothing special. I do really like Pierce Brosnan acting though. Fun fact: Craig's father was an extra in a Pierce Brosnan movie once! (Bag of Bones).

Galaxy Quest

This is an older movie- 1999 I believe?- so its a little on the cheesy side but I really liked it! It's a super fun kind of movie and the cast was great with Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver and Alan Rickman. Movies were just better in the 90s. Galaxy Quest is about a group of actors who were on a T.V show and some aliens come looking for their help because they think the tv show is real. I definitely recommend this one!

Internet Famous

I originally just wanted to watch this because Shane Dawson was in it (he's one of my favorite Youtubers) and I really wasn't expecting it to be very good but I actually did like it. It wasn't amazing or anything but as someone who watches Youtube a lot, its nice seeing the Youtubers you like in an actual movie. 

Sex Tape

I was totally not expecting to like this movie at all. Cameron Diaz's last few movies really weren't that great (bad teacher anyone?). But this one was actually good! A husband and wife decide to make a sex tape to revamp their sex life with intentions of deleting it straight away. To make a long story short the tape accidentally gets sent to different ipads that were given to friends and family so they have to track down all the ipads to delete it. 


July 24, 2016

5 Things I Look For When Following a Blog

Finding new blogs to read and love is one of my favorite parts about blogging. I follow quite a few blogs religiously- 67 to be exact. 

When looking for new blogs there's a few things I look for that will determine if I hit that follow button or not..

[a nice design] It doesn't have to be fancy schmancy or a $50 pre-made template from pipdig. It just needs to look clean and not all over the place. If I feel overwhelmed trying to find something on a blog, chances are I won't bother following it.

[a clean sidebar] By this I mean I hate sidebars that are polluted with ads. Nothing drives me more crazy than trying to scroll through a blog but I can't because there's so many ads on the side it takes ages to load. Does anyone even click those ads anyway? What's the point? It usually ends with me getting frustrated and closing out the entire blog.

[an easy to read font] Pretty self explanatory. If I can't make out the font on your posts I won't bother trying to read it.

[blogs that cover a selection of topics] I typically don't go for blogs that only cover one certain niche. I like reading posts that vary. One day a beauty post the next a post about travel. I guess that's why I tend to follow more Lifestyle blogs..

[blogs that aren't solely 'sponsored'] I don't mind the odd sponsored post. Heck, I write them myself from time to time. But I have come across many blogs that only have sponsored posts. I like the blogs I read to be more personal and I just don't feel like its very genuine when everything written on a blog is sponsored.


July 22, 2016

My Life Goals

We all want something out of life. I don't think you'll ever meet a person who isn't working towards something. Whether its a new house, a family or a trip around the world. We all have goals.

I have goals.

I have things I want- materialistic or otherwise. These are the things I'm working towards in life:

[paying off all of my debts] My current goal. I hate being in debt. We had a total of five debts and are currently down to three which makes me very happy.

[travel someplace amazing, travel anywhere] I want to see something great. I want to see anything at all. I love being new places. My ultimate wish would be to travel all of Canada and then travel to every state in the U.S. But there's also plenty of other places I would love to see.

[acquire a white jeep] Here's one of those materialistic goals. But I can't help it. I have always wanted a Jeep. A white one specifically. They're so darn expensive though.

[build our own home] We've looked at a lot of houses with the intent of buying but we've never actually gone through with anything. Both me and Craig know that we want to build our own house one day so why waste time and money buying something neither of us will truly love?

[raise a good kid] I hope I can raise my daughter to be thoughtful, loving and caring. To want to do good in the world. To think before she acts. To greet everyone with a smile. I want people to say; That Lux? Yeah, she's a good kid.

[be the healthiest version of myself] I just want to feel good. I'm tired of not feeling good.

[maybe, hopefully adopt children] As of right now I don't have any intentions of having anymore children myself but I would absolutely love to adopt a child or two in the future. Maybe become a foster parent.

[grow old with my love] This might sound like a cheesy one but I don't ever want to fall out of love with Craig. I want Lux to grow up with both of her parents still together and in love.

I think that's it. I'm sure i'll add a few more as life goes on but right now this is what I'm working towards.

What are some of your life goals?

July 20, 2016

STORYTIME | How Lux Got Her Name

I have been obsessed with names for as long as I can remember. I've been picking out my future children's names since I was about 13. Up until last year, just before I got pregnant, I had a list saved on my computer compiled of a bunch of names I loved for both girls and boys.

It was really hard in the beginning choosing a girls name. Since we kept the gender a surprise we needed to be ready with both a girl and boy name. We had the boy name picked out within the first week of finding out I was pregnant. Beau Isaac was the name we chose (pronounced like bow in bow-tie). I was set on that name since I was about 16 years old. It literally took months for us to agree on a girls name. Everything I had suggested was turned down.

The name Lux was introduced to us a few years ago from a show called Life Unexpected. It used to be on Netflix. Not sure if it still is but you should check because its an amazing show!

Anyway, while we were watching that show we both agreed that we loved the name Lux and would possibly use it in the future if we ever had a daughter. But when the time came to come up with a name, Lux was just kind of passed by without much thought.

One day, Craig said "I think if we have a girl we should just name her Lux" and I was like "Okay!"

So we had the first name but we were at a complete loss for a middle name that went with it.

Now the story is about to get a little weird but that's okay. .

A few months before I found out I was pregnant I started finding hearts everywhere. 

At work peeling potatoes the peelings would fall down on me in the shape of a heart, my pie dough would fall in heart shapes, my food would look like hearts, wash cloths would fall from the washer perfectly heart shaped...everywhere.hearts.

I told a woman I worked with about the hearts and started showing them to her every time I found one just so I didn't sound like I was going crazy. One day she said to me "You're going to have a baby". I was like "No way! Why do you think that?" and she told me that's why I was finding so many hearts. Someone was trying to come to me. And sure enough, about a month later, I was pregnant. I continued finding hearts all throughout my pregnancy and I just felt like it was a sign. I decided that I wanted to come up with a middle name that related to the hearts. That's where Hartley came from. And from then on, I just knew I was going to have a girl. To me there was a reason I was finding all these hearts and our girls name was now special because of it.

So that's it. That's how we decided on Lux Hartley. It might sound like a strange name to some people but that's okay. I like strange.

Hope you all have a beautiful day!
What are some of your favorite names?

July 18, 2016

Best & Worst Of Netflix #1

I find myself watching a lot of movies nowadays with being up throughout the night with Lux and staying home majority of the time. In fact, I've been watching so many movies I feel like I could be a professional Netflix movie recommender. So I've decided to start a new series doing just that! 
Kind of..

This is basically just going to be me rating/reviewing the movies I watch and letting you know if you should bother watching them or not.

Side Effects

This movie started off slow. Actually, the whole movie was slow up until the last 30 minutes or so. It's about a woman who is severely depressed and is put on a new type of drug which has, you guessed it, side effects. There's a nice little twist near the end though. Although it isn't the greatest movie it does have some pretty great actors- Jude Law, Channing Tatum, Rooney Mara and Catherine Zeta Jones. It's something to watch if you're bored.

Step Up 2: The Streets

Ugh...where do I even start with this movie? Usually sequels to really good movies suck. They never seem to compare to the original. Although sometimes you're pleasantly surprised because the sequel turns out to be really good. Yes well, this movie is NOT one of those. Absolute rubbish. The acting was bad, the story was extremely weak and it seemed like they just threw it all together. One big mess of a movie. One thing I was actually shocked at is that Channing Tatum made an appearance. Sadly, even he couldn't make this movie bearable. 

You Again

I really liked this movie! So much better than I was expecting when I first put it on. Its about a girl named Marni who was bullied in high school and a few years later her brother is about to marry her high school bully. She sets out to try to show him the truth about her. I definitely recommend watching this one!

The Best Man Holiday

This one was just kind of 'meh'. It wasn't bad but it really wasn't good either. A little on the dull side although I did shed a couple tears during. Also, if you don't pay attention to the first like five minutes of the movie where it looks like they're just introducing the characters, you'll likely miss what most of the movie is about. It sort of tells the stories of what happened between the friends at the very beginning. 


July 17, 2016

BABY OOTD | Free Spirit

Free Spirit onesie / Joe Fresh
Plaid shorts / Walmart
Puma Socks / Winners

Baby OOTD's are so much more fun than doing my own OOTD posts! I just love dressing Lux up and getting her ready for the day. Baby clothes are just the cutest. 

July 15, 2016

Super Simple DIY Wall Art

Today I wanted to show you guys my latest project! These super easy to make wall art pieces. As you might have read from my previous post, we're moving soon and Lux will finally have her own room. I have so many ideas for her nursery and I am trying to be as budget friendly as possible. I wanted something cute to hang on her walls but didn't want to spend a fortune on some cheaply made wall art that I can make myself for a fraction of the price.

So here's what I did step by step:

I bought two 8 X 10 frames from the dollarstore.
They were $2.00 each.

Then I went to Walmart and picked up this pink tole paint. This only cost $2.50.
I had a really cheap small paintbrush here already which I believe came from the dollarstore as well.

After three coats of paint they were starting to look pretty good!

I searched for quotes online until I found the two I liked.
I then used Ribbet to create the quote images.
All I had to do then was print them off and stick them in the frames!
Easy peasy!

And here's the finished product!
I'm pretty happy with how they turned out and I only spent $6.50 in total.

These are so, so easy to make and you can literally make any kind of quote art you like! 
I can't wait to hang these in her room!

Have you ever tried making your own wall art?

July 13, 2016

We're Moving!

Hallelujah! We're getting out of here! I'm so excited to tell you all that we have finally found a new apartment to call home. We've only been in our current apartment for about a year and a half but we really needed to find a new place. Mainly because this is a one bedroom and of course, Lux needs her own room. Its fine for now because she just sleeps in a bassinet next to our bed but it won't be long until she grows out of that and needs to be put in a crib.

Another reason we needed to find a new place to live is because of our new neighbours. I won't go into too much detail but i'll be lame and say they're a couple of bad apples. Certainly not the kind of people we want Lux growing up around.

This new place is in a beautiful area. Such a peaceful environment. It's a two bedroom, looks 10 times nicer than our current apartment and rent is $100 cheaper!

We get to start moving our stuff in on the 18th of this month but seeing as we paid the full months rent, we don't have to be out of here until the 1st of August.

There's one small thing that I'm disappointed over though. The new landlord told us we weren't allowed to paint any of the rooms there. Now, compared to every good thing about moving here, not being able to paint is pretty minor but still. I've never lived in a place where I wasn't allowed to paint! I've already envisioned how every room would look! I'm especially gutted over the fact that I can't paint Lux's nursery. We've just gone out and bought some things for her new room and the hideous green color the walls currently display will not go with it at all!

I refuse to feel down about it though. I will be allowed to paint her nursery. I'll think of some way to convince him to let me. I can be pretty persuasive.

Anyway. I can't wait to show you guys the new place! Also, I'm not sure when we'll be able to get internet hooked up there so the blog may go quiet for a few days after the move.

I'll keep you updated as we go!  :)

July 11, 2016

BABY OOTD | Wild Hair Don't Care

Outfit / Babies'R'Us

This outfit was so made for her!

We picked this up yesterday while we were at Babies'R'Us getting some things for her crib. I couldn't not get it! It's too adorable.

Speaking of crib- Craig will be building it soon and I am soo excited to finally decorate her room (which she now has!! More on that later!).

Have a beautiful day everyone!

July 9, 2016

Cape Breton - Baby's First Visit!

Lux had her first visit to Cape Breton this week! It was also her first really long car ride and she did awesome in the car if I do say so myself!

We had originally planned to stay for 5 days but due to unforeseen circumstances our trip was cut short to a mere two and a half days. What's worse is that 9 hours of those 2.5 days were spent driving!
Oh well, at least we were still able to see our family.

We left on Wednesday and arrived around 3:30 pm.
After we settled in we were all starved so we ordered some chicken from the A & K Lick'A'Chick. And yes, that's what the restaurant is actually called!

After that we went over to see my dad because he hadn't met Lux yet.

At 6 o'clock we went back to my grandparents house and played tv bingo! Its quite fun. My mom's boyfriend ended up winning $500!

The next day was both my grandfathers and cousins birthday!
We went down my aunts place for a bbq and cake.

I'm not sure what was going on with Lux this day. Maybe it was the change in environment but my god she cried almost all day and just would not sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time!

Talk about frustrating!

So I barely took any photos this day because most of my day was spent tending to her. She finally calmed down around 10:30 pm! My poor little froggy was exhausted :(

The next day we had to leave so before we left we all got ready and went over to my granny's house (my grandfathers mother) so we could get some pictures.

That's 5 generations right there!
Its so crazy to me that i'm able to say my 74 year old grandfather still has his mother!
( I hope I inherited her genes....)

After some more picture taking I took Lux out to see Craig's family and then we were on the road again.

So this visit turned out to be mostly family visits. Hopefully next time i'll have Craig with me and we'll get to go out and do some exploring with Lux. Cape Breton truly is beautiful and I would love to show it to you guys!

I hope you all have a great rest of the weekend! :)

July 5, 2016

A Day In My Life | An Average Day

Hey guys! I thought it might be fun to start doing 'a day in my life' posts where I show you what happens throughout my day. For the first post I thought I should show you just a typical day around here- nothing too exciting but hey, this is what most of my days are like!

My day started at 12:05 am with our first feeding and diaper change. 
She was back to sleep by 12:55 am.

Up for another feeding at 3:40 am. 
I finished watching this movie on Netflix called Mud. It wasn't any good.
Back to sleep we go around 4:30 am.

Lux woke up at her usual time of 5:00 am looking to snuggle so I put her in bed with me and we both slept until 7:00 am and then had another feeding.

While she napped I caught up on reading some blogs.
I decided to hop in the shower and try to get ready quick while she slept..

She woke up like 2 minutes after this photo was taken..little fart! 
I finally finished getting ready in between entertaining her so I then gave her a bath and got her ready for the day.

And then it was time for, you guessed it, another feeding!

Once she was done eating I put her in the stroller and we went for a little walk to my work to visit the girls. We stayed there for about a half an hour. 

When we got back home she had a little more formula and then she was down for a nap.

Lux had a doctors appointment for 3 o'clock and my mom was supposed to take us but I had a little brain fart this morning and forgot to take the car seat attachment out of our car- which Craig had at work. So off we went at 2 o'clock to walk to the doctors!

I didn't take any photos during this time but Lux did awesome! She didn't fuss at all during the whole 3 hours we were out. Her appointment also went great. She now weighs 11 pounds and is above average in weight and length. Big baby! I also had my first experience with being peed on. The doctor wanted Lux stripped off while she weighed her and I asked if I could keep her diaper on because she seriously pees non stop but she said no, we'll be really quick. Sure enough the second I pick her up she pees and my shirt was soaked! I had to walk all the way home like that lol

So it turns out I suck at documenting my days and haven't taken anymore photos!

We didn't do a whole lot anyway. Craig and I went to look at a new apartment (which went very well!) and then we went to Best Buy to pick up a PS4 because our Xbox was literally in pieces.

We went to Walmart after that just to get a few essentials (shampoo and what not) and then I came home, calmed down an extremely cranky baby, ate a very late supper and then went to bed!

I'll get better at these 'day in the life' posts and actually remember to take pictures!

How was your Monday?