July 24, 2016

5 Things I Look For When Following a Blog

Finding new blogs to read and love is one of my favorite parts about blogging. I follow quite a few blogs religiously- 67 to be exact. 

When looking for new blogs there's a few things I look for that will determine if I hit that follow button or not..

[a nice design] It doesn't have to be fancy schmancy or a $50 pre-made template from pipdig. It just needs to look clean and not all over the place. If I feel overwhelmed trying to find something on a blog, chances are I won't bother following it.

[a clean sidebar] By this I mean I hate sidebars that are polluted with ads. Nothing drives me more crazy than trying to scroll through a blog but I can't because there's so many ads on the side it takes ages to load. Does anyone even click those ads anyway? What's the point? It usually ends with me getting frustrated and closing out the entire blog.

[an easy to read font] Pretty self explanatory. If I can't make out the font on your posts I won't bother trying to read it.

[blogs that cover a selection of topics] I typically don't go for blogs that only cover one certain niche. I like reading posts that vary. One day a beauty post the next a post about travel. I guess that's why I tend to follow more Lifestyle blogs..

[blogs that aren't solely 'sponsored'] I don't mind the odd sponsored post. Heck, I write them myself from time to time. But I have come across many blogs that only have sponsored posts. I like the blogs I read to be more personal and I just don't feel like its very genuine when everything written on a blog is sponsored.



  1. I agree with all of your points here! I don't like blogs that only write sponsored post after sponsored post. I also like lifestyle blogs, I like learning more about the blogger and their life and what they're going through. I think it makes it easier to form a friendship with them if they're being honest and open. I also like when people blog about what they love, because if it's an interest that I also have then that makes me happy and excited to get to know them better!

  2. Clean blog design and sidebar are both very important factors, I agree! It enables all the focus/attention to go on the content and visuals :)


  3. Great post! Think it's so important to not only do sponsored posts :)

  4. Those are exactly what I look for when I look at new blogs! The design of a blog is really what draws me in, and then the content of the blog is what keeps me there!

    Amanda Gouthro 

  5. I absolutely agree with everything on your list! I find it so distracting when pop-up ads are all over someone's page, that I usually can't even read their posts!


    1. I hate when the darn page won't even load because there are so many ads!

  6. These are definitely what I look for when reading / following a blog! I too, dislike blogs filled with ads - it drives me crazy!! x


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  8. I agree with all of these points. Design is so important for me, if my first impression of the blog is bad because it's all cluttered and not very pretty I instantly click off and don't even read anything...harsh but I think it's so important! x

    Sinead | Dreaming Again