July 3, 2016

One Month Old

I can't believe it. My little baby is already one month old! How did June fly by so fast? Before we know it, she'll be one! Anyway, lots happened this month...

We found a formula that works. I tried breastfeeding in the beginning but it only lasted about a week. She had a really hard time latching on which, honestly, frustrated the both of us. I also wasn't producing enough milk so she was really fussy and we had a hard time getting her to sleep. Once we tried the formula she was instantly content. My poor little babe was just hungry! I felt so bad! Even though she was more content with formula feeding, she kept spitting up after every bottle so we ended up changing formulas three times before we found one that works. She's now on a reduced lactose formula and the spitting up has lessened drastically. I'm not really surprised as I can't have dairy myself and as a baby I would also spit up after every feeding. 

She hates bath time! Man oh man this girl hates getting a bath! If we try putting her in her little tub, she cries and screams the entire time. I end up sponge bathing her every day instead and she still whimpers during that time! haha On a different note, she LOVES having her hair washed. We just wash her hair under the tap and the whole time she closes her eyes and enjoys it. Its so cute! 

She already had her first head cold. You know, it really makes me mad when people come around knowing they're sick. It makes me even more mad at the fact that they came around my newborn while being sick! So at 3 weeks old Lux had her first cold. Its heartbreaking watching your tiny baby trying to breath through a congested nose. Luckily it only lasted about 3 days and she only had the congestion and a small cough. 

She gets hiccups at least 5 times a day. I have no idea why she hiccups so often but I feel so bad for her when she gets them! They sound like they hurt. Hopefully they don't! She has a doctor's appointment tomorrow so I'm going to bring that up. Gripe water normally takes them away instantly though.

She loves music. Just about any type of music will calm her. Her favorite song that she'll listen intently to seems to be A Whole New World from Aladdin! 

She loves snuggle time early in the morning. She's doing quite well with sleeping now. She only usually wakes up twice throughout the night just to feed and then she's back to sleep. Every morning she'll wake up between 5 and 7 not looking to eat. All she wants is to be next to us in bed and she falls right back asleep for another hour or two. Its so adorable. (Its also my favorite time of day).

Hope you enjoyed reading her little monthly update! Can't wait to see what new changes and challenges we'll face in future months! 


  1. The fact that she likes Aladdin is SO cute :) I'm sure people have mentioned it, but who does Lux look more like do you think?

    1. I know! haha I love it! Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie :)
      She definitely looks more like me when I was a baby- almost exactly alike except my hair was more curly!

  2. Can't believe that people would come around a newborn KNOWING they're sick, I'd be really mad too. At least wait till the child is a few months old! How very rude of them to be honest. Anywaaaay, cute that she likes Aladdin :D x


  3. What an absolute sweetheart she is <3 Makes me so broody! xx

  4. She is so cute!! Love this post!
    Kisses and hugs from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  5. She is so impossibly cute though!


  6. Aw I love that you have a Disney baby already :)