July 15, 2016

Super Simple DIY Wall Art

Today I wanted to show you guys my latest project! These super easy to make wall art pieces. As you might have read from my previous post, we're moving soon and Lux will finally have her own room. I have so many ideas for her nursery and I am trying to be as budget friendly as possible. I wanted something cute to hang on her walls but didn't want to spend a fortune on some cheaply made wall art that I can make myself for a fraction of the price.

So here's what I did step by step:

I bought two 8 X 10 frames from the dollarstore.
They were $2.00 each.

Then I went to Walmart and picked up this pink tole paint. This only cost $2.50.
I had a really cheap small paintbrush here already which I believe came from the dollarstore as well.

After three coats of paint they were starting to look pretty good!

I searched for quotes online until I found the two I liked.
I then used Ribbet to create the quote images.
All I had to do then was print them off and stick them in the frames!
Easy peasy!

And here's the finished product!
I'm pretty happy with how they turned out and I only spent $6.50 in total.

These are so, so easy to make and you can literally make any kind of quote art you like! 
I can't wait to hang these in her room!

Have you ever tried making your own wall art?