August 31, 2016

Things Bloggers Do That Annoy Me

I love blogging. I love bloggers. But sometimes I come across bloggers that do things that I just don't get. Here are 5 things some bloggers do that annoy me:

Follow for follow comments. I had to mention this one first as I'm sure its every bloggers biggest annoyance. It's so irritating when you check your comments on a post and someone says "Great post!! I just LOVE your blog! Want to follow each other? Follow me first and i'll follow you back" ....seriously? There is nothing more annoying to find comments like that. If you "love" my blog so much, why can't you just follow it without asking me to follow yours first? That's what I do when I find a blog I love. I hit the follow button.

Complaining about not getting followers. I've come across quite a few blog posts, surprisingly, where the blogger is actually complaining about not getting enough followers or that its taking too long for them to hit a certain number or even comparing themselves to other bloggers and whining over the other blogger getting more followers than them. It's a little ridiculous. Maybe its best to be grateful that you have even one follower!

When they won't comment back. I think this is my biggest annoyance. There are way too many bloggers out there who never reply back to comments left by readers. I can maybe see someone who has like 10,000 followers not replying back to all of their comments but I've seen countless blogs that have very little followers and they still won't reply. Even if there's only like 2 comments on the post. I mean someone is taking the time out to read what you've written and are kind enough to leave a comment. The least you can do is simply reply back even if its just a Thanks for reading! I know high volumes of comments may be overwhelming and maybe you're too busy to reply back but honestly its not impossible. Shout out to Rebecca from the blog From Roses who has almost 50,000 followers and replies back to every comment she receives!

Those who write sponsored content only. Pretty self-explanatory. Sponsored content is fine but when every single post is sponsored and you never know if the blogger is being genuine or not, it gets rather annoying.

Beauty bloggers who never show what a product looks like. This is a small annoyance but an annoyance none-the-less. When I'm reading an in-depth review on a foundation or lipstick I get rather annoyed when I don't get to see the actual product on the person. I like seeing how something wears before I decide if I'm going to spend any money on a product. I don't plan on rubbing the lipstick on my arm once I purchase it!

If you're one of these bloggers than I don't mean to offend. These are just things that annoy me personally!


August 30, 2016

August Favorites

It's been a real long time since I've done a monthly favorites post. I've got a little mixture of everything here so let's get onto it!

♥ Lounge pants. If I could live in a pair of pants for the rest of my life it would be these ones. The material is so incredibly soft and they seem to be very well made considering they came from Giant Tiger for only $14.00!

♥ Live Clean Vanilla Oatmeal Hand Soap. Hands down my favorite hand soap I've used from Live Clean so far! I wish they made a body wash in this scent because I would be snatchin' that up real quick.

♥ Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer. This is a concealer I used to buy all the time a few years ago and then I just randomly stopped buying it. I decided to pick it up again and quickly remembered why I liked it to begin with. It's much better as a highlighter than it is for concealing but it gets the job done!

♥ It Gets Worse by Shane Dawson. After buying and loving his first book "I Hate Myselfie" I couldn't wait to get my hands on this one. It goes without saying that I read this one in about a day just as I had the first one and I loved it. I may do a review on it soon!

♥ Vera Wang Embrace Rosebuds and Vanilla Perfume. Vera Wang perfumes are my all time faves. Princess will forever hold a special place in my heart but this one comes up as a very close second. The scent is gorgeous and after using it almost every day for the past 8 months I still have about a third of the bottle left.

♥ Chocolate almond milk with ice cubes. Everyone knows how delicious chocolate almond milk is. Now put some ice cubes in it. You're welcome.


August 28, 2016

BABY OOTD | Black & White Baby

Cuteness overload!!

I love this outfit on her. The polka dot Calvin Klein onesie came from Winners and Craig's mom found that skirt at a second hand store! So adorable :)

August 27, 2016

Caddell Rapids Provincial Park | Riverside, NS

Continuing on from our Anthony Provincial Park day we also stopped at another Provincial Park. This one was called Caddell Rapids and it was basically just a lookoff for an amazing view of the Fundy Shore. Although it was a quick stop it was still beautiful out that day and the drive there was nice.

Check out all that corn!

August 25, 2016

Bathtime Baby Favorites

Lux finally seems to be enjoying bath time now and thank goodness because bath time should be fun and trying to rush through the bath with a wailing baby isn't very much fun.

For me the best part about bath time is the products we use. And of course my favorite baby products come from Live Clean. I'm sure you must all know by now that I adore Live Clean. It's one brand that I will always stand behind with its organic ingredients and pure vegan formulas. I've been reading a lot lately about the Johnson baby products and how they can be cancer causing and it puts my mind at ease knowing what I'm putting on Lux is safe.

These are just a few of the Live Clean products we use. I think we have just about every scent and formula there is! Right now these are the ones we've been loving.

The soothing oatmeal wash is wonderful! It smells so good and the scent lingers in her hair for a long time. Made with colloidal oatmeal and chamomile it's perfect for any dry skin your baby may be dealing with. 

This. Oh my goodness I have never smelled a baby lotion quite so nice before! I would even use it on myself it smells so good. When I use this on Lux, her skin feels incredibly soft and smooth and it feels like that all day long. 

I can honestly say that Lux has very little dry skin and I can almost guarantee its because of using these products. When she was first born her poor little hands and feet used to just peel and peel with dry skin. The doctor said it was because she was overdue and I guess that sort of thing just happens? Well it didn't take long for her skin issues to clear up and I 100% credit Live Clean washes and lotions for it! I'll be using these products on her for a good long time.


* Some of these products were kindly gifted to us from Live Clean

August 23, 2016

Good Babies vs Bad Babies

"Is she a good baby?"

I can't tell you how many times I've been asked that question since having Lux. Everyone asks that question. Complete strangers ask that question. When they ask if she's a "good baby" they of course want to know; Does she cry a lot? Does she sleep throughout the night? Is she very fussy? Well, what if she does cry a lot? What if she is up all night? Does that mean I have a bad baby?

No. It doesn't.

It bothers me that people categorize babies in this way. If you tell them "oh, my baby is colicky" you're met with a look as if they feel sorry for you and insist that there must be something wrong with your baby. What some people fail to realize is that it isn't the baby's fault. They can't help that their bellies hurt or that they're so overtired they don't know what to do with themselves. Sure it gets frustrating but this is all part of the package. They need to be soothed and comforted. Not treated like there's something wrong with them.

Last week Lux had a doctors appointment to get her two month needles. To say she wailed after getting them is an understatement. I mean she bawled and cried for at least 20 minutes straight. You'd think she was being tortured by the amount of crying she did. There was this one lady in particular sitting in the waiting room who I swear was shooting daggers at me with her eyes. She continued staring at me and shaking her head. Did she think there was something wrong with Lux? Did she think I was doing something wrong as a parent? I don't know and honestly I really didn't care. The only thing I had on my mind at that moment was soothing my baby and making sure she was okay.

Sure Lux may have had a touch of colic and of course she gets fussy when she's hungry or tired but that only makes up a small portion of my amazing little girl.

She flashes me that big toothless grin countless times throughout the day. She sits and listens intently while I'm reading her books. She stares lovingly into my eyes and smiles as I'm singing her Part of Your World (her current favorite song) and she cuddles up and majority of the time sleeps throughout the whole night.

If that makes her a bad baby, well, I'll take that any day.

August 20, 2016

The Best & Worst of Netflix #4

It Follows

Oh my. This movie was just terrible. I don't know who came up with the idea for this movie but whoever it was should keep any future movie ideas to themselves. The whole storyline was just dumb. Like, after someone has sex, this thing- it- follows them around trying to kill them. "It" is just some random ghost person who can transform into anyone. The only way they can save themselves- at least for a little while- is by having sex and passing it on to someone else. Seriously? So stupid. They at least could have explained what "it" was.

The Last Keepers

This was about a girl named Rhea who discovers she has magical powers only to find out every woman in her family has had magical powers as well. It was pretty much just her coming to terms with her new life. I believe there's a second movie to this which i'm sure will go deeper into the story. At least I hope so. I still really liked this one though even though not much happened in it. I love any kind of magical movies.

The Edge

I think I like just about any movie involving Anthony Hopkins. He's a fantastic actor! This movie was pretty good. Three men get into an airplane crash deep in the mountains/forest and have to find their way back. They end up being stalked by a grizzly bear which sounds a little far fetched but it actually was entertaining!

The Spectacular Now

I really enjoyed this one even though I'm not the biggest Shailene Woodley fan. I thought the story was great and it kept me engaged throughout. The ending could have been a little better but that's it! It was based off of a novel that I wouldn't mind reading.

August 18, 2016

Anthony Provincial Park | Lower Selma, NS

Keeping in tune with our 'tide' adventures we decided to check out Anthony Provincial Park. It wasn't really amazing or anything and there was hardly anything there but the view was fantastic.

Although it isn't a great spot for swimming, with the tides coming in and out, it was a beautiful spot for a picnic- which we didn't have but I would definitely go back again for one!

It's a goal of mine to visit every Provincial Park in Nova Scotia and I was lucky enough to knock 3 of them off in this one weekend! It'll take quite a while for me to visit every one but I can't wait to take Lux along on this adventure. I've also added 'Provincial Parks' to the category list if you're interested in seeing more!


August 17, 2016

Thoughts I Have While Shopping

I've recently been shopping around for something decent to wear to a wedding next weekend. Initially I wanted to find the perfect dress because I wanted to break out of my comfort zone a little as I never wear dresses. Here are some thoughts I had while shopping around...

Finally a store with cute dresses!

Ouu a sale rack..

I can't believe how many cute dresses I've found! Can't wait to try them on..

*gasp* The PERFECT dress!!

...Oh mannnn, Only one left and it's a medium. Maybe it'll fit!


Oh well, I have tons of dresses to try on. One of these dresses will look nice.

How in the world does this dress work!?

Omg I look like a box..

How does every style of dress look horrible on me!?

I hate shopping..

One more. That's it!!

Forget dresses. I'm sticking with a shirt and pants.

So as you can probably tell I didn't end up buying a dress after all. I did, however, find a really nice top to wear which is probably for the best because I know I'll feel tons more comfortable in it rather than a dress. I may even do a little ootd the day I wear it!


August 16, 2016

Wishlist | Suzy Shier & H&M

  Pointelle Duster Sweater // Suzy Shier

 Striped Top with Elbow Patch // Suzy Shier

 Ankle Boots // H&M

 Woven Scarf // H&M

 Plaid Chiffon Blouse // Suzy Shier

I was at Suzy Shier the other day looking for an outfit for a wedding and it's put me in a serious mood to shop! Too bad my bank account won't allow me to go on a full out spree but a girl can wish right? I saw that pointelle duster sweater there and I soo wish I had of just bought it but sadly I left it there sitting on the rack *sigh* Next time! You can click on the hearts to go to the website for each item!

August 15, 2016

Natural is Better. Period.

Maybe its just me but whenever I'm on my period and I'm using tampons the thought of toxic shock syndrome always creeps into the back of my mind. It's crazy to me how most feminine hygiene products aren't natural. I mean these are products we're using in very delicate areas, wouldn't we want the safer choice?

I was thrilled when Veeda got in contact with me and asked if I wanted to try out their products.

I was lucky enough to receive three sample packs; the natural cotton ultra-thin day pads, natural cotton liners and the 100%  natural cotton tampons.

The tampons, pads and liners are free of chemicals, wood, synthetic fibers, additives and pesticides. Which makes them the softest, purest and most hypoallergenic on the market!

Now unfortunately by the time I received the Veeda package I was already almost done of my period this month but I did get to use the pads for the tail end of it! While I wasn't super heavy during the pad trial I did get to test out its softness and comfort level. Both were superb! It barely felt like I had anything on at all and the material is so, so soft.

I'm going to be saving the tampons to test out for next month's period as I wasn't 100% comfortable using tampons yet after just having a baby!

I feel much better knowing the products I'm using down there are natural and I would definitely purchase Veeda products in the future!


*These products were sent to me by Veeda for review. As always, opinions are 100% my own! 

August 14, 2016

The Best & Worst of Netflix #3

The Book of Life

This only received 2 stars because I just found the story very boring. Two men competing for the love of a woman- one was a soldier the other a bull fighter who also sang. Boring. 


Another movie that confused the frig out of me. While I actually really enjoyed it I was just left confused by it. A group of coal miners go down to work and end up trapped down there due to a collapse. In that photo above it says 'some things are better left undiscovered' which makes you think there's something down here with them. That's what I was expecting the whole time but nothing is down there. What I'm pretty sure happens -well this is what I got out of it- is that they go crazy down there? I'm not sure. Check it out for yourself and let me know if you understood it better than I did!


Loved this movie!! I saw the trailer on Netflix one day and was patiently waiting for its release date on the 29th. I basically love any movie with Ellen Page. She's an amazing actress and just so happens to be from Nova Scotia! Pretty cool. Tallulah is a girl living out of her van and happens to end up with a child. I won't tell you much more because I recommend you watch this one for yourself!

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

I liked this one! Not as much as the first one but I did like it. I thought all of the 'foodimals' were really clever like shrimpanzees and tacodiles! Really cute! 

Brahman Naman

What the heck was this movie. Seriously. It was described as a 'sex comedy' - who even knew that was a genre?-  and it was freakin' weird. It was about a group of guys who were quizzers, like did quizzing competitions, and they pretty much just drank a lot and were obsessed with sex. Not worth the time and not much of a comedy.