August 14, 2016

The Best & Worst of Netflix #3

The Book of Life

This only received 2 stars because I just found the story very boring. Two men competing for the love of a woman- one was a soldier the other a bull fighter who also sang. Boring. 


Another movie that confused the frig out of me. While I actually really enjoyed it I was just left confused by it. A group of coal miners go down to work and end up trapped down there due to a collapse. In that photo above it says 'some things are better left undiscovered' which makes you think there's something down here with them. That's what I was expecting the whole time but nothing is down there. What I'm pretty sure happens -well this is what I got out of it- is that they go crazy down there? I'm not sure. Check it out for yourself and let me know if you understood it better than I did!


Loved this movie!! I saw the trailer on Netflix one day and was patiently waiting for its release date on the 29th. I basically love any movie with Ellen Page. She's an amazing actress and just so happens to be from Nova Scotia! Pretty cool. Tallulah is a girl living out of her van and happens to end up with a child. I won't tell you much more because I recommend you watch this one for yourself!

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

I liked this one! Not as much as the first one but I did like it. I thought all of the 'foodimals' were really clever like shrimpanzees and tacodiles! Really cute! 

Brahman Naman

What the heck was this movie. Seriously. It was described as a 'sex comedy' - who even knew that was a genre?-  and it was freakin' weird. It was about a group of guys who were quizzers, like did quizzing competitions, and they pretty much just drank a lot and were obsessed with sex. Not worth the time and not much of a comedy.



  1. Thanks for sharing your picks! Ha I guess I found a few to and not to watch -Hanna Lei

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  2. i am gonna watch the tallulah and the book of life! they look attractive! x

    jess x |

  3. Oooh I got to check out that Tallulah movie out! I haven't watched much, the last thing I was watching was Stranger Things!

    1. Oh my bf started watching that and he really likes it! I'll have to check it out!